My nice big thick strap on isn’t gonna suck itself. It needs a juicy pair of lips wrapped around it licking it, sucking it, getting it wet with your tongue. You need someone to dominate your mouth, and ass don’t you? A kinky little mistress who won’t take no for an answer. Have a strap on fetish? Need someone who isn’t afraid to force you onto that cock? You came to the right place. Be prepared to give yourself fully to me. Surrender yourself to my cock, and I’ll control every part of your body. Get on your knees and beg for my cock. Let me hear you whine like a little girl that’s not getting her way, tell me how much you need my cock in that mouth of yours face fucking you until you gag.


Now open wide and follow through on your begging, choke on it, gag on it, and deep throat it. I want to see your eyes water as I fuck the back of your throat. Don’t you dare look away from me while I’m fucking your mouth keep your eyes on mine, you look away I thrust harder down that throat. I want my cock dripping wet from your mouth, so its lubed up and ready to slide between those cheeks. Now pull that cock out of your mouth let me see your spit dripping off the head. Get on all fours like a good little bitch, bend over and stick that ass up in the air for me and prepare for me to dominate that asshole.

I’m gonna get right behind that tight ass and slam my cock into your ass and make you scream like a little fucking girl. When I slam it in I pull it all the way out and slam it all the way back it hard and deep. You Scream no I just go deeper and harder. I want you to feel every inch of my cock. Don’t worry I think you’ll like it, sounds painful but it will be best pleasure of your life. Think you can handle the power of my cock? I’d like to see you attempt I’m always up for a challenge how about you? Any force role playing, domination, Strap on or forced bi fetish and fantasies call me. Warning I love taking full control.

Ready to learn orgasm control? Let me teach you how good it feels to release control.

Mistress Kelsey