Orgasm control and tease and denial

How far will your sexual desperation lead you? I’ll make you go above and beyond. Your use to feeling relief without actually earning it. Now its time for you to learn orgasm control. First of all remember the expression ladies first and know that’s rule one. I always cum first remember it and learn it. Now for rule two no touching yourself unless I say otherwise, and there are always punishments for rule breakers. Pleasure me while I watch you squirm. I do keep a few a toys in my possession and your going to use them on me. We both know how much it would tease you to use those dildos in my pussy. Don’t you wish you were worthy of my pussy? As your slide those toys in me and my pussy starts to drip it’ll only provoke you to taste me but you’re not going to.

Since I know your sexual desperation will continue to make you beg for my wet pussy don’t bother begging  you’ll be  denied. I never said orgasm control would be easy but I do enjoy watching you suffer. I want to see you suffer even more, so stick your tongue against my ass, I want ass licking. Pleasure me with your tongue buried in my ass while watching me squirm. You love a woman in control and you love you’ll love it when I dominate you. Furthermore the best orgasm will be one you earned and not one just handed to you. Now follow my voice and do as I command and your cock will stay throbbing until I say otherwise. After you made many times, then you’ll be granted to touch your cock. My voice will guide you through your masturbation and you will obey my every word.

As you grab your cock and stroke it as hard and fast as I say the urge to release your load will appear. Because, I will deny you again, you’ll be forced to slow down your strokes or I might even tell you to stop all together. When will I allow you to cum is the big question. I told you already your torture brings me pleasure. I want to hear you beg and I want to hear the desperation. I’ll have complete control and take you places you’ve never explored before. Dive into the world of domination with me. Let me show you just how tease and denial will pleasure us both. Finally ready to learn orgasm control?

Cum take a peek inside Mistress Kelsey’s toybox

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