Intimate Connections: Why I Became A Telephonic Relief Artist?

Intimate connections are forged in vibrant energy, commitment, and a feeling that is almost unshakeable.  Be it a trauma bond, or sprung from the most precious love there is, intimacy is something longed for and always to be cherished.  This is why I became a telephonic relief artist; intimacy.


What do intimate connections look like? Do we really have them with the people we claim to be the closest to?  What in the world does phone sex have to do with intimacy?


As a phone sex operator, I come in contact with several people that lack intimacy.  Men that are lonely.  Guys that are struggling with their social life.  Faithful men that have had their boundaries tested, or wish to test another.  Longing for an intimate connection with another does not always mean that there is a lack of intimacy.  I have found that most people subconsciously utilize the crowd-out method.  It is where one floods their space with so much good that its nourishment leaves no room for the deficit.

Intimacy looks like the thing you need.  A soft gentle and welcoming voice.  The happy puppy, eager to greet you at the door after a long day.  A strong hand that pulls you in or slaps you on the rump.  Pillow talk!  Oh my!  Sharing your day, hopes, dreams, ambitions, and joy with someone that will never use it to harm you.


We build a rapport with those we wish to have access to.  In today’s world, many of us do not have a true sense of togetherness/unity/attachment within our households.  I was a latch-key kid, but not neglected.  To maintain what social skills I have acquired, I chat with the Kings on Phone Sex Kingdom.  Some love me and for others, I am simply not their cup of tea.  Those that I have learned about their life and reciprocated beyond a sexual conversation, come back again and again.  Intimate connections surpass that of pleasing your loins.  As a matter of fact, when victory is accomplished the magnitude is far greater once an intimate connection has been forged.

Telephonic Relief Artistry

Telephonic relief artistry is more than simply phone sex.  It is the best phone sex.  This is a space to be a foley artist.  To let out your inner inhibitions.  Receive expert advice from a person that has seen it all and done it all.  Allow your imagination to soar.  Be someone else, after all it is not like I know anything more than what you present yourself as.

Naturally, I am a Switch.  In-person, proximity is frequently utilized.  Over the telephone, my voice is light and airy.  There is a cheerfulness to it and an eagerness to serve that translates into being submissive.  Truthfully, when that phone rings it sounds like money.  Who doesn’t enjoy making money?  To top it off, I’m a conversationalist that can carry a tune with anyone and everyone.  Loquacious, boisterous, chatty, giddy… Sugar, I have the gift for gab.  So indulge in my sweet Southern voice and let me sell you a fantasy.  You sit right there and be a willing subject.

Do no harm.  Come play with me, taunt me, tease me, and make me your bed wench before you go out there disrupting the peace.  Being in the back of a patrol car for voyeurism is no joke.  So let’s not be the talk of the town when $2 per minute could take the edge off.  This is why I am all about intimate connections and became a phone sex girl.  I am simply beautiful and will render more than you bargained for. 

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke