Simply Beautiful Will Render More Than What You Bargained For.

Simply beautiful, divine, and pure enough to cause a reaction.  Did you work for her?  I know you pursued another for her dramatic flare to find you were not a fan of the theatrics.  The bold beauty turned out to be nothing more than an untrusting prude, yet you chased her to find she was chaste.

Looks fade. Snag you a gal that is simply beautiful outside and in.  The one that is more than a token.  She does more than make your Johnson sing Hallelujah!  When the light comes back on, do you want to throw a shoe at her as if she were a Leprechaun or throw water on her to see if she will multiply like a Gremlin?  That is what you get when you date Barbie and you aren’t a Ken.

Miss Simply Beautiful doesn’t have to be a supermodel or a princess.  There is something indulgent about the girl next door.  Safety and security can be found in the ordinary. Yet, she is not typical, predictable, nor what one would think of as average to you.  For she is simply beautiful and the apple of your eye.  The lady that makes your heart sing as time stops for you to still a kiss.

Nothing Ordinary Is She.

No one else laughs at your jokes; for they are sardonic humor.  No contempt for you and so sarcasm is not needed.  The tone of your encounter surpasses lustful naughtiness and transcends into something only the pulsar star could anchor.  Dare to make your attempt at counting the time by the sun only and you will miss out on this celestial body that is so constant and steady that your neglect to see the impact she has on you.  Forever pulling at your soul as the moon’s frequency tugs at the space where Lucifer himself landed.

This girlfriend experience is like no other.  Think of your simple beauty as whole food.  After a long day of work, you seek out nourishment.  We all know electrolytes are magnesium, calcium, sodium, potassium, chloride, and phosphates.  Yet we grab for Gatorade, Pedialyte, Body Armor, Powerade, or some commercialized chemical form to replenish us because marketing told us it was convenient and best for us.  Miss Simply Beautiful is that honeydew you didn’t cut open, or the bowl of cherries you let go bad in the fridge.

Keep on letting her marinate and simmer on low.  All of the best sauces are full-body and flavorful.  Bend over backward for Miss Simply Beautiful and she will give you the keys to the kingdom. March right on in, and let me show you how to have phone sex.  Take part in the girlfriend experience.  It is only as intimate as you make it, so pace yourself, cowboy!  Stride and thrust your way to ecstasy with the most simply beautiful person you know.  Time travel with me through the most erotic fantasies and be my favorite accomplice.

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke