Shift Change: Being a Switch is Hard Work in a World of Fake Dominants.

Shift change, shift change, change, and shift into position;  ALREADY!  My face tells it all.  Fortunately, you cannot see me.  BRAT is written all over my face.  All of the eye-rolls, and side-eyes one could probably make a fortune off of me if they earned a dollar for every crazed facial expression I make.

I come across as submissive, but that is because I am so sensual and have a youthful voice.  Defiance does not make a person dominant.  Torture does not make the recipient loyal.  Demanding that I submit to you will not make me bend nor move.

What Motivates Me To Serve?

A commanding presence.  When a man knows what he wants, he does not have to utter a word.  His commanding presence will make me bend to his will.  A sturdy man that I know will take care of me in the aftermath can treat me however he likes during our kink scene.  To embody true leadership qualities is what I require.

Are you grateful?  Can you delegate responsibilities?  Do you have vision?  Are your active listening skills activated? Honesty and innovation are mandatory characteristics of a leader.  I will not follow any person that makes rash assumptions, cannot read the room, and has no creative driving force within them.


A flat personality has no vibe.  You are literally a sociopath at this point.  Trying to be neutral makes you a fence rider.  It makes you wishy-washie, and deemed not worthy of my submission.  I am going to size you up.  Eagerly awaiting a shift change that will force you to step down.  A shift change that will test your confidence and true power.

Power Struggle

Questioning you is one way I shift change.  My having a bratty tone, rolling my eyes, and sarcasm are indicators of you not being in your proclaimed role a dominant.

“Ooh, that hurts so good.  Try that again Daddy.”

In other words, you tried and failed to please me.  You tried to hurt me and I felt nothing.  Now, if I had said, “ooh, that hurts so good.  Yes, Daddy!”  then we are in position.  I need to crave you.  There should be a burning desire to serve you and cater to you for all that you are.  What do you have to offer?  What is the trade-off?

Emotional Intelligence

The shift change typically occurs because emotional intelligence was not utilized.  Be self-aware, regulate the temperature in the room.  Remember, if we were in a band the dominant is the lead guitarist and the submissive is the one with all the true power.  The submissive is the bassist or the drum player.  Everyone loves and is in awe for the vocalist (dominant), yet there is no song without the bottom.

Use your voice, fingers, best-vested interest to pull me in.  Forge intimate connections.  Handle me judiciously.  Trigger my emotional attachment via a trauma bond.  Motivate me via pain and pleasure.  Use those social skills to keep me from having a shift change that will then put you on the bottom.

Psuedo Dominants

If all you want is a kink scene; then say so.  Do pretend to be a domme.  I am not a Domme.  Torture is something I enjoy for only a few minutes.  Aftercare is not what I’m concerned with hashing out, yet readily receive.  When you have a thin little voice, lacking self-confidence, and are shy, why would I want to listen to you?  Ugh, your directions were not clear and concise.  You cannot lead, and I will not follow.  Especially, when you let me do all the talking.  You fake Domme!  I’ll shift change and tare your little ego all to pieces.

Cum play with me on the phone sex lines here at PSK.  Shift change, and shift gears with me in a natural manner.  Let the energy of the conversation determine whether I am the top or bottom.

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke