Dear Diary: One Of Many Interracial Sex Stories At My Church

Interracial Sex Stories are my favorite, especially when they involve me! We have a lot of different people in our church congregation and we’ve just welcomed a new family into the fold. They’re nice and fit right in but their son Darnell is the one who stands out the most. He’s Tyson’s and Cathy’s teenage son who’s turning into a very sexy man. He plays sports and is tall and muscular. Every time I see him I think of his young, firm body against mine and his big black cock pounded my pussy until I can’t take it anymore.

The other day after church I saw him hanging around while his parents were talking to my husband. I asked him to help me with something so I could get him alone. I took him into the room where the children have their Sunday school lessons and shut the door behind us. He asked what I wanted him to do and I told him that I wanted him to fuck my brains out. He looked shocked at hearing a nice, white girl like me saying that but when I put my hand over his dick and squeezed him through his trousers all he could think about was sex.

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I rubbed and squeezed him as I kissed him and pressed my body against his. I could feel him getting harder and I tugged his zipper down, reaching in so I could wrap my hand around his dick. He was long and thick, a lot bigger than my husband, and I stroked it as it grew in my fist. He moaned and pressed forward, rubbing his dick against me and I brushed my thumb over his head. Then, he gasped and I took him over to one of the tables, pushing aside pictures the children had made of Noah and his ark.

I sat on the edge of it and shoved my skirt up to my hips so I could take off my panties. They fell to my ankles and I pushed down his trousers, freeing his big black dick. Oh, I stroked it a few more times and looked at how my hand could barely hold it. That’s when I shifted and parted my legs as I held him and he leaned forward. Next, I guided him into me and watched as his black dick pushed into my tight white pussy. I moaned as he went in deeper, filling my pussy as I tightened around him.

That’s when I held onto his arm and hooked my legs around his waist as he went all the way in. The thought of my husband and his parents. They were just a few feet away made me nervous and horny all at the same time. I held him as he started fucking me. My ass slid on the table and I bit my lip to keep quiet. Just as his dick rubbed my walls and my juices leaked down my crack. I clenched my pussy muscles around him, massaging his dick and he made little groans in the back of his throat. Sunlight came through the window and it glistened off his deep black skin. I loved the way it contrasted against my soft, milky white fingers.

He went faster and I rocked under him.

Rolling my hips as my pussy tightened and my clit sent shudders through me. The feeling grew until I came hard and a few seconds later he shoved into me and came. He looked embarrassed as he pulled out of me. Then I told him to hurry up and go back to his parents before they wondered where he was. It was a sin to lie so it’s best if he kept quiet about what happened. Do you want to become a wonderful contributor to one of my interracial sex stories?

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Interracial Sex Stories