Interracial sex stories, I kissed a girl and I liked it! Her thick black lips turned me on!

I was sitting at the bar nursing a drink. My boss was a bitch lady who was unhappy and made it her goal in life to steal everyone else’s happiness. I was contemplating quitting my job when this woman sat down beside me. She was tall and fit. Her skin was dark as night. She had an amazing weave and a smile that would stop traffic. Her dimples were so deep in her perfectly round gorgeous face that I wanted to dive into them. It was her lips that drew me in.

I had never been with a woman!

She smiled as she sat down asking if she could use the chair beside me. I nodded and watched covertly as she exchanged words with the bartender. She looked over at me and asked how I was. I almost said fine and your response when I stopped and gave it a moment to think of how I wanted to respond. I needed to talk and she looked like she was the kind of person who was good at listening. So I told her I was not having a good day at all! That started the conversation that I wanted to have and before I knew we had moved to a table and hours had passed. Throughout the whole conversation, we had moved closer and closer to each other and was stilling small touches. I had never been with a woman before but she was like a magnet. I was drawn to her.

She told me she had booked a room in the hotel and asked me if I wanted to come up with some more privacy.  With my hesitation, she knew it immediately so she patted and squeezed my hand. I would love to be your first she whispered softly! I did, more than anything, want to kiss those luscious thick lips and caress her beautiful skin. The idea of my glowing white softness sliding over her ebony toned body made me wet!

We were so hot for each other!

We were so hot for each other that as soon as we entered the room there was no more talking. Her kiss was exactly as I thought it would be. She tasted like cherries and Amaretto and her breasts were full and high with dark nipples that were so hard and I could not take my mouth from them. Flicking my tongue over and sucking them deep into my mouth. As she slid down between my legs and I could feel her breath on my bald pink pussy I started quivering knowing I was already close to cumming before she had even touched it!

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