Interracial sex stories, I kissed a girl and I liked it. I wanted her.

I spent a wonderful night in her arms and when we parted the next morning she confided that she was married and we could not see each other again. Although I was disappointed I knew that it was for the best. My life was too complicated to get involved with a woman anyways. I kissed her and climbed into my cab.

A few weeks went by and I could not stop thinking of my ebony goddess! I started going to the bar at that hotel every night after work and I was secretly wishing she would appear. I knew the chances were slim but I just couldn’t help myself.

My breath was stolen! 

Then it happened. Suddenly she walked in wearing a beautiful purple shift dress and stilettos that made her legs look even longer than they were! OH MY GOD! She was gorgeous and my breath was stolen from me the moment our eyes locked.

She came over and without saying a word took my hand and we walked out of the bar, into the elevator where she gave me a long deep kiss then we were inside her room and our clothes were falling to the floor in our haste to get to the bed. Our need for each other was so great that we were both shaking. The moment I kissed her pussy and breathed in her sweet scent I felt completely satisfied.

We started seeing each other every week after that and then it became 2 and 3 times a week. We were getting sloppy because of our need for each other! She told me she was still fucking her husband. She loved him and they had been married for 22 years. They had a life and children together. She did not want to leave him but she needed me too. I asked her if he would approve a discreet relationship where he and I shared her. She did not think he would ever go for it.

Then one day just after I had made her cum two times there was a knock on the door. I laughed and said I had ordered room service. I threw a shirt and panties on did not think twice before opening the door. She was laying naked on the bed but had pulled the sheet just enough to hide her naughty places.

Hi, my name is Simone!

There on the other side of the door was the man I had only seen in the pictures on my ladies phone. I tried to shove the door closed but he stopped me and walked inside. Bree jumped grabbing for the sheet to hide herself more. I walked over and stood with my hand on her shoulder. Hi my name is Simone, I said extending my hand. He looked from me to Bree and slowly took my hand and said he wished we were meeting under different circumstances.

Andrew, I am sorry, Bree started but stopped when he interrupted. Bree where do we go from here. I had no idea you wanted to be with a woman. Are you not satisfied with me? He seemed almost sad. Of course, you satisfy me but there is always something more I needed to. I interrupted both of them and asked Andrew directly. Can you share your wife with me? I love her and I know you do too. Why can’t we all be happy here? I am willing to share both of you.

Bree undid his pants!

He looked intrigued but stated he would do it only if there was extreme discretion. We all agreed and Bree reached up and started undoing his pants. I walked over and slid in behind her on the bed and began massaging her tits and reaching between her thighs for her wet pussy. While she was sucking his dick I was finger banging her pussy.

He told me to lie down on the bed with my head leaning over the edge and put her on top of me for the perfect 69 that allowed him to fuck her pussy while teabagging me. He slammed his balls into my eyes and I licked her pussy furiously while he banged her till she screamed and cum all over the both of us!

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