Forced Sex Stories, He took me and I had no choice but to give him what he wanted.

I was so scared but my body responded against my will!

I was working late one night when the Janitor came into our office suite. He said he was there to clean the floors and asked me if it would disturb me. He was a very large black man and very intimidating! I did not want to delay his work so I smiled sweetly and told him to go ahead. I did not realize that the smile I flashed him along with my open revealing shirt was giving him more permission than to just clean the floor!

He continued to make small talk and I really just wanted him to hush so I could complete my work and get home. I continued to smile and reply to his banter. After about an hour I decided to stop and just leave, he was not going to let me finish!

I begged him to stop!

As I was bent over by the desk loading my briefcase the strange man grabbed me from behind roughly and threw me to the floor. He was on top of me straddling my hips and pinning my arms over my head. I was completely at his mercy and the look in his eyes was of raw hunger. I begged him to stop.

He was too large for me to physically stop so I started pleading with him as he ripped my blouse from me and pushed my skirt to my waist. He crushed his mouth over mine forcing his slimy wet tongue deep into my mouth. I gagged and tried to bite him and push him away but he slapped my face and left my head spinning wildly!

He flipped my body over onto my belly like I was no more than a rag doll and tied my hands to the leg of my desk with my bra! He spread my legs open and ripped my white lace panties from my body! His thick meaty fingers found my tender soft pussy lips and he bruisingly assaulted me fumbling in his awkwardness to insert his fingers. To my horror with each stroke, I became wetter. My body was betraying me because this beast of a man who was abusing me so horribly was my enemy, not my lover! Yet, my pussy demanded more and began to throb around his fingers.

He grabbed my hair!

He soon became bored with that and eagerly pulled his dick from his pants. I could not see him but I knew by his grunts that he was disrobing and sliding between my thighs. Then I felt it! His head felt as huge as a fist, the man was shoving his big black cock at my opening but he was so large he could not fit inside. He became so angry that he grabbed my hair and accused me of denying him. I sobbed that I could not help it, he was too large for me!

He withdrew his dick and told me I would stretch and he started shoving his fist deep into my pussy, I screamed until I thought I would pass out! Eventually, he had me fully stretched and he replaced his hand with his dick and he pounded my pussy so hard and never relented until I had everything drenched in cum!

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