So many interracial sex stories to tell.

Interracial sex stories seem to be a kind of phone sex niche.. I mean, it’s a widely spread fetish and I think the idea’s fucking awesome. However, I was totally oblivious to it for years. I grew up being into black guys and latinos.. and it just seemed normal to me, because I’m latina as well. Whenever I’d get curious and look up porn of it though, everything was riddled with videos about white guys having their girlfriends fucked by black guys. It blew my mind, and I had no idea what it was all about until I started working here! It’s kind of funny seeing my perfectly natural preference get turned into a fetish – but I fucking love it!

Now it’s all about big black cock.

Before, it was just natural that I was attracted to black guys, and sometimes even hispanic guys. Now, I get to play around with that idea even more. It’s ridiculously fun knowing that I could be playing with a white boy, and actually turn him on by being a cheating slut. It’s like I get to have my cake and eat it too. I can have a boyfriend and a fuck-buddy, and have them share the same world. There’s plenty of amazingly handsome, rough, rugged black guys out there who’d love to make me their little play thing.. and plenty of guys who’d love to watch me get absolutely destroyed by a thick, black cock that’s way too big for my pussy.

YES, I’m a total size queen too. I mean, I wouldn’t make it a daily thing to take a massive cock.. But the thought of playing with a small cock, getting tight, and then playing with a huge black cock from time to time drives me wild. I love the thought of being stretched like a little filthy slut!

Come play with me. 

Your Taboo Phone Sex Princess

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