Who doesn’t love interactive sex stories?

I love telling guys what to do, and this, one of my better interactive sex stories, is exactly that. Sit back, relax, and pull your dick out, okay? I wanna watch. Just imagine me there, right in front of you, with my eyes zeroed in on your dick.

Just touch the tip of your dick right now, only with your fingertips. Gently move them up and down, just like my manicured nails would do. Remember how I talk about it in my nail fetish post? Doesn’t it feel all soft and feathery? So nice? Do that a couple of times for me, okay?

Then, go ahead and put your thumb, middle finger, and pointer finger in a ring around your cock. Tighten your grip a little. I want to see you milk the cum out of your shaft. Speed up, okay?

By the end of this session, I want you to shoot your cum so far, it hits me on the chest while I watch you.

Don’t forget about your balls! They’re all swollen and sensitive by now, aren’t they? Give them a squeeze and tug on them. I bet they ache. Come on, tug on them again for me, let me see how full of cum they are.

You’re hurting to come right now, aren’t you? That’s alright. I’m not mean… today. Go ahead and wrap your whole fist around your cock. Speed up for me. Grip your cock tighter for me, please? I want you to see if you can’t cover me with come. Here, let me take off my bra. Aim for my tits, babe. I know you can do it.

You’ve been so good for me. You deserve this. Let go and just cum already; feel good like you deserve to feel. Let me see you come, okay?

That’s a good boy.


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