A good, intense puppy play session gives my sub waves of pleasure as they stay in their unique headspace. 

And what happens to me as a trainer after an intense puppy play session? Well, I get off on that thrill of owning someone. Of controlling them completely. And, I get a cute new little puppy to do it with. Most of my puppy play fetish sessions aren’t even sexual; that’s the beauty of it. Most of them are a good little puppy who does what I ask of him in return for scratches, praise, and maybe a nap on my lap. 

Take David, for example. David and I always set aside an afternoon or morning for a scene. Often, an intense puppy play session lasts us hours. David takes a little while to get into it, but in the end, he’s very overcome. 

We usually rent a house on Airbnb, a one-bedroom place where I can put together his bed quickly. Always, I arrive first at the yellow, cozy place, because I like to get everything in order. Plus, if there’s something I’ve forgotten or need, I can go out and get it. It’s hard to ask a sub to stop because you’ve forgotten the kneeling pillow. 

As soon as I’m set up, I text David to let him know I’m ready. Often, he comes to the door shaky and nervous. His work leaves him stressed out, so I give him a greeting and set out his favorite tea. 

To get him into that headspace, we start on the sofa, watching a nature documentary. Slowly, David slides into my lap, his head resting there, and once I think he’s ready, I put on his collar. From that moment on, David is engaged with intense puppy play.

Not At All Easy

Despite what you might think, David and I do not spend the majority of our time cuddling. Instead, I run David through his paces. We start with grooming. First, I take off David’s “fur” and brush his skin. Like I do with my dogs, during our intense puppy play session, I run my hands over his skin and check to make sure he has no lumps or bruises.

Plus, I tease him a little when I check over his cock to make sure he’s still intact. “Hmm, David,” I say to him, moving his front down towards the ground with his ass up in the air. “You’re so lucky you’re such a good boy. Otherwise, these,” and I squeeze his balls gently, “Wouldn’t be here, would they?” 

And finally, I give him his ears and tail. The ears go onto his head, cute, floppy and fuzzy things. However, the tail? That goes right inside his ass. That’s part of what makes it intensive puppy play. Honestly, it’s not easy having to move on all fours with a butt plug inside. David somehow makes it seem that way, but I know his ass is always sore after our intense puppy play sessions. 

Then, I put him through his paces. He performs doggy tasks for me, sitting, speaking, or rolling over. None of them are easy with his tools. David is a little bit challenged physically as a dog. But he does his best, so I give him his rewards- pets, praises, occasional treats. 

And at the end? Well, that’s part of the intense puppy play fun. At the end, he can either curl up against me, or, if he’s been a very good boy, he can rub up against me until he cums. 

After all, good boys deserve a treat. 

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intense puppy play