Intense Dick Sucking Marathon leads you to unloading into my mouth.

My tongue twisting around your dick like a lasso of lust has your toes curling already. Getting off to a great Intense Dick Sucking start down on my knees ready to worship that thick cock of yours. It is such a turn on when you love sucking cock as much as I do. Thinking of all the little details for your big dick to throb to, sucking soft and deep until my throat takes over and starts to swallow. I can tell you love the feeling of my warm wet throat closing up around your cock. Experiencing that feeling of firm squish forming around you while my mouth waters.

The way I give you Oral Sex is done with all the love and attention you need. Let me suck the stress from your tip and savor every drop while you coat my throat. Taking my time and loving the art of the tease I have perfected. Look into my wanting eyes and see the hunger for your load. Seeing how bad I want it, your balls tighten. Reaching up to take those heavy, tight balls into my hand makes this Blow Job even hotter. Cupping and rubbing your balls before I turn my head to the side and ease off your cock to suck them up. Getting those balls wet makes you moan.

When I can tell your dick is ready to explode, I back off just a bit.

Edging you along a little bit longer shows you who’s in Intense Dick Sucking charge. Laying you back on the bed and lifting your legs again so I can get at all of you. You don’t ask often, but I know how much you love a good rim job. Soon I’ll be putting on a whole show for you, but until then, I’m going to lick your ass till you beg me to let you cum. Giving a blow job takes lots of love and dedication to the man behind the cock.

Learning this art form was as much my pleasure as it was all those fat cocks I sucked. Licking the full length of a shaft gives me tingles all over my body. Looking up at this man who is loving every suckle and nibble brings me lustful joy. Cock Sucking sluts like me live for a mouth full of hot cum. Letting a shot of cum hit the back of my throat or coat my pretty little face. Knowing how amazing I am at one of my favorite things. Having that favorite thing in my wet little mouth. Playing with it is the perfect way for us to get to know each other.

Moaning that my oral fixation pleases you while your shouts of worship take you to the heavens with every flick of my tongue across your pre-cum soaked head. Sucking until I am Cum Eating and can show you the load in my mouth. Playing with your cum makes me feel like your naughty little porn star. Feeling like the only woman in the world while I take you deep into my face over and over. Filling me up until your jizz is leaking from the corners of my Intense Dick Sucking lips.

Thirsting for you again, baby, I want more.

Craving and needing you to pick me up and bring me down hard on your face. Loving my turn now hehe. Licking me the way you do makes me never want another tongue to touch my clit ever again. You are all I’ll ever need, baby. Watching your reactions to the way my mouth slides over you excites me, giving you this royal Blow Job. Pushing your utterly delicious cock deep into my throat makes an animatistic moan escape from your lips.

Tightening muscles and toes curling, you tell me how good I make you feel. That is all that I want for you baby, to feel like a god. Worshipping you up and down and taking my sacrament is an honor. Taking this beautiful cock into my Intense Dick Sucking mouth while licking and kissing it in slow motion. Putting on the show, you deserve my king. Adoring you is automatic and effortless when someone is as tasty as you are, baby.