I absolutely love working with inexperienced subs.

Some people may find working with inexperienced subs to be alarming and dangerous. I find it the most rewarding. I love breaking in a new prideful bull, but I also love the worship and humility that a new sub has. This is particularly true with subs who are entirely new to the scene. I love leaving them shocked and desperate for more. A little tease and denial edge play are perfect for subs who are not sure how keen on the pain they are. And a good spanking is the ideal introduction to pain. Humiliation can be an excellent, non-physical way to make another individual feel dominated and below you.

If humiliation is a tad too severe, you can always start with some real dirty talk, like saying what you might enjoy doing before actually doing it—anything to prolong that orgasm and heighten the senses. I love teaching communication, consent, and pushing limits. Seeing how much pain someone can take, seeing how much more pain they will take just for me. I love inspiring subs to push their boundaries and take more and more pain or degradation just for me. I love being their kinkspiration. It makes me the platform upon which they will build their entire list of likes. I will happily take the title and assist them down that road of self-awareness, self-discovery, strength, pleasure, patience, and resilience.

Also, not going to lie, but they generally have pretty low expectations.

Those who expect some type of fifty shades experience, I prove dead wrong with my consent teachings and body language reading. I start by notifying them of some essential, safe words with yellow, meaning the sub can withstand no more, and they have about reached their limit. Then read, brings the scene to a screeching halt. I tell them that I want them to use these words and that they are encouraged to use these words as we begin to push limits.  I let them know that I will never punish them for communicating their wants and needs. Then, I ask them about their limits. What is ok, and what is not ok. The grey area is the limit that I would be pushing.

The part that we negotiate whether or not pushing that is comfortable for them. I love when my subs come to me wanting to renegotiate because they want to take more, once a trust is built. I had this sub who was relatively new to the whole BDSM scene, and her only other experiences with BDSM were partners who lacked the knowledge to provide her with a meaningful experience. After the conversation of consent and whatnot, I told her about a scene that I wanted to try. It involved a spanking at about a level four out of ten in firmness. The number of times remained undetermined, but we agreed that I knew her well enough to tell if she was in genuine distress, and her safeword was always an option.

She was to place her hands on the bed, bent over the side of it.

I would slide a vibrator in her pussy with her panties on and leave it in there. Then the spanking would commence. As she bent over my bed, immediately upon arrival at my house, I lifted her skirt to expose her tight little ass. Then I pulled out my leather paddle from my drawer and pressed it between her thighs. I kissed her tight little ass and began spanking her. Intermittently, I stopped and fucked her with the vibrator, then the spanking continued. She began writhing desperately after a few sets of these, and her ass turned red. The skin rose, and swelled.

I began to fuck her for the last time and reached around to rub her clit. She came hard all over the vibrator for a while too. The vibrator turned creamy as I slid it in and out of her for the last few times. She seemed so shocked by the experience and informed me what a game-changer it became for her. That is why I love working with inexperienced subs. Most inexperienced subs are also so eager to please, and I love to receive worship.

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