Sex with a Vampire?

This is pure vampire fantasy in this blog. But, the thought of it makes me very horny. Enjoy. 😉

“Încrederea în vampire” is Romanian for “trust in the vampire.” Trust that they will suck you dry. Trust that they will always be watching. Trust that he will always want me to think of him and whenever he feels like playing, he will make me think of him. I am the demon’s whore. Only his. Anyone who gets in HIS way, will be brought down and never heard from again. How did I become this demon’s whore? He found me and seduced me into complete submission. One look into his black eyes and he had me. I feel so alive when I am with him and no, not just because he is technically dead! He teases me, touches me, fucks me in ways that make me feel complete and more alive than I ever have before. He wakes at dusk and needs to feed on me, I feel his call from across town… it rattles me to the core. He sleeps as soon as the sun peeks out over the horizon. He is so vicious yet, so loving and cares for me. People love to compare me to that silly girl Sookie Stackhouse. But, her vampires don’t compare to my sensual master, Ville.

I was walking to my car after my shift at the restaurant, it was really dark in the parking lot, not a single light except down the street at the post office. I unlocked my car door and felt like I was being watched.. Every hair on my neck stood up and I got goosebumps. I called out into the darkness “hello? Is anyone out there?” But, nothing. Just the faint sound of a tractor in the fields. I got into my car and drove to the Circle K for a pack of Marlboro 27’s and a bottle of Barefoot moscato, then headed home. The day has been long and boring, like always, so I needed a little drink to help forget how much of an asshole my boss is.
Arrived home and greeted my roommates who were all playing their Xboxes and practically oblivious to the world around them. I had eaten a hamburger steak and onion rings for dinner so I didn’t need to make something. I opened my moscato, poured it, grabbed my phone and cigarettes then headed to the picnic table outside. It was a beautiful night like always. Stars filled the sky, the moon lit up the desert around me, pale and bright enough to see the color of the mountains. I turned on my Pandora to the grunge rock/metal station I made and it played Rooster by Alice in Chains. I lit my first cigarette of the night and sipped my wine. The wind was a little chilly for Arizona in September but it was a nice break from the 125 degree weather that we had in the summer.

I sat there by myself thinking about everything that had gone wrong that day. From when I spilled some soup all over a table to when I let all the dishes piled up in the back and got yelled at by the boss. I had definitely had enough of the day and I was ready of a break from work. the wind suddenly started picking up a little and I felt same strange feeling that I was being watched. I felt the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end and yet again, I was covered in goosebumps. I lit another cigarette and took a big drag. at the corner of my eye I see something in the dark next to me I turned my head and looked and it’s a person! I gasp and shoot up from my seat. The person spoke and said “I am so sorry to have startled you.” And he walked out from the shadows. “My name is Ville and I couldn’t help but notice you earlier in the parking lot of the restaurant. I am so sorry to sound so strange about it but something about you makes me feel like you are familiar.”
I caught my breath and said “Why were you watching me? That is seriously fucking creepy. Who does that?” He looked upset with himself and said “I apologize, my lady. I just haven’t good people skills. When you are as old as I am, these things tend to not matter.” I looked at him puzzled , “You don’t look that old. Maybe 40. That isn’t that old.” He looked more serious and said “I am actually over 500 years old.” I stared at him and questioned “Uh… You’re how old?! How? What.. I…what?” He laughed, deep and almost terrifying, “I… am vampire.” I smiled and said “No way! I thought you all weren’t real. Can you prove it?” He smiled and I saw them, his fangs. I was slightly startled at the sight of his fangs but couldn’t help but get turned on.

“So, a vampire? I know this is forward and rather unladylike of me but, is it true that vampires are really amazing at sex?” She sat down across from me at the picnic table, his eyes almost glowing in the moonlight, “Well, my lady, I must say that we are quite good at that. And forward? Heh, not at all.” My nipples got hard just thinking about his fangs lightly scraping on my neck, “Well I know we just met but, I have always wanted to try… If you don’t mind.” He looked down at my hands and smiled as he grabbed them… The stood up at the side of me. I opened the door to my house and walked him to my room, my roommates still were too busy playing Xbox and didn’t notice me bringing anyone inside. We entered my bedroom and he pulled me up against him.. Then started nuzzling my neck. I got goosebumps as I felt his cold lips against my neck and closed my eyes.

Next thing I knew he was gripping me by the hair and my lower back, tilting my head back. I got scared and said “No! Please! Don’t bite me! I didn’t want that just yet!” Then I felt a sharp pain in my neck as he sunk his fangs into my neck! I tried to wiggle free but it was as if my body was being controlled by something or somebody else. I felt the blood being drained from me and then he stopped.. Turning my head to him, he applied pressure to my neck to help the bleeding stop and said “I am so sorry. I was hungry and need nourishment and strength if I am going to fuck you.” He sat me on my bed and lifted my shirt over my head. Then unhooked my bra and pulled it off me and dropped it to the floor. He laid me down and started kissing my tits and licking around my nipples. I felt his fangs scrape against my nipples and I smiled. He sucked them and swirled his tongue around my hard nipples. I arched my back and let him continue licking and sucking my nipples. Next, he slid down my tummy and to my pants which he unbuttoned and slipped off me as soon as I blinked. He gripped my pink thong by the crotch and ripped it off of me. I tilted my hips up so he could get to my soaking pussy… kissed my feet and then he grabbed my thighs and spread my legs so far that I was practically doing the splits on the edge of my bed.

He slid his finger up and down my pussy lips and spread them wide as he came closer to start flicking my clit with his cold tongue. It was a strange sensation but I kept wanting more.

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