Sex with a hot vampire is the best you will ever have. Or so I heard. I asked Ville, my new fanged friend, if that was true. He wanted to show me how very true it was.
I invited him to my room to fuck me until dawn.


His cold tongue got warmer with every flick and suck. I tilted my hips up to watch his sexy, full lips wrap around my clit and watched in delight as his fangs scraped on my pussy lips. It was the most amazing feeling! He reached up with his hands and pulled at my nipples, making them hurt but.. it felt so good. He stuck his tongue inside my cunt and lapped my juiced up as if I were a delicate and exotic meal. I wanted him to stay down there forever. He came back up to my clit and sucked it a while longer.. I felt I was going to cum soon. He flicked harder and harder, more rhythmically, sucked harder… lapped me up.. and here I go.. “Oh fuck! YES!” I exclaimed as I came into his mouth. My body was so relaxed but my cunt was ready for a good fucking from his hard vampire cock. He shot up from between my legs almost faster than the speed of light and practically ripped his pants off. I reached up and ripped his button down shirt open, revealing his thin, pale, yet chiseled chest and stomach.

He gripped his hard cock and stuck it up against my pussy lips… he then grabbed my thighs and lifted me up and thrusted into my tight little pussy. I bit my lower lip as he fucked me nice and hard. My tits bounced as he fucked me fast and hard like a rabbit. I reached for him to come closer but I was pushed back into my bed. Then suddenly I was on my tummy and he told me to get on my knees. I obeyed and he shoved his hard dick into my ass! I cried in pain as he fucked my ass.. I wasn’t prepared for an ass raping! “Fuck! I didn’t know you were going to do that. Please! Stop!” He grabbed my arms and twisted them up my back and I started to cry, “Please! Stop it!” He fucked me harder and harder as I wept and couldn’t fight him.

He leaned down onto me and kept pounding my ass but let go of my arms and slowed down a lot. He began kissing my back and apologized, “I am so sorry for taking over you like that. Please forgive me. Your ass was just so round and delicious that I couldn’t help but want to fuck it hard and fast.” I wiped my eyes and told him, “I guess it’s okay. My ass is pretty hot so I understand.” I smiled at him and grabbed him arm and threw him onto my bed. He smiled a toothy and fanged smile as I climbed on top of him and grabbed my lube out of the nightstand drawer. I squeezed the bottle onto his cock and slid it into my ass the started riding him. “Mmm, see, this is how I want to do this!” He smiled and grabbed my hips, helping me bounce on top of his rock hard cock, at first nice and slow then a a few minutes later harder and fast.

I bounced up and down, my tits jiggling and nipples getting hard.. he kept bouncing me on his cock as he slid his right hand over my clit. I threw my head back as he rubbed my clit with his thumb, rolled it in between his thumb and forefinger, flicked it with his finger and spanked my pink pussy. He rubbed harder as I felt my cum wanting to be released all over his lukewarm pelvis. He put his hand up to my mouth and had me get his fingers nice and wet. Then he put his wet fingers on my clit and rubbed it in little circles. “Oh, god, yes!” I exclaimed as I felt my little clit twitching. “Fuuuuuck!” I came all over his tummy and chest and it dripped down on his balls. He spanked my pussy and helped me squirt more all over his pale skin. I kept on riding him with his big cock buried in my tight little ass.

We changed positions throughout the night, doggy, missionary, 69, reserve cowgirl, standing, you name it. I had never experienced anything quite like him. He gave me over 20 orgasms and I felt myself start to slow down at about 4am. I was tired and hungry but I was so content. Finally at 5:30am he decided to stop. I laid there, naked and exhausted, staring at him and smiling I said, “Wow. I have never came that much! ha ha! Well, I think if we do this again we are going to have to stop after maybe an hour. I don’t think going until dawn agrees with me.” He was zipping up his pants and smirked an evil smile, “Heh. Well, I guess you can’t quite handle it then. That’s fine though. We will be doing this again and you WILL be feeding me. I suggest you eat your meats and vegetables to help you regain your vitamins and regenerate blood. And I must say, that I am very sorry I couldn’t help myself before when I bit you. Your blood is delicious and smoky. What blood type are you?”

I wrapped myself in my blanket, put a cigarette between my lips and lit it, “I’m O Negative.” He was putting his shirt on but not able to button the buttons up since we ripped it open, “Huh, vampire’s favorite kind of blood.” I smoked my cigarette and gave a little giggle.. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to continue to feed him but he liked my blood and fucked so well. “Here,” he threw me $500, “For feeding me and fucking me. Get some organic food with that. It’ll help you.” I looked at the pile of cash on my bed and whispered, “…am I a hooker?” He chortled, “No, my darling. You are not a hooker. Not at all. I just thought you would like to have that and so I can say sorry for the blood sucking.” He brushed my cheek with his hand and got up, opened my window then was gone.

I sat in my bed feeling strange. I felt sad he was gone but I knew it would be daylight soon, I also felt a little offended that I was paid, but at the same time I felt empowered that I just made 500 bucks just by fucking someone. I wonder when he will be back? Will he come back even though he said he would be back? Either way, I was his. I fed him and he fucked me and gave me money. I guess I am all his now… his doll. He feeds from me, I take care of him, I spend time with him.. he is my master now. I am now the demon’s whore.

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