I take care of my feet so they are always nice and smooth. Sexy, soft, ready to play. I know that when you see them you instantly get hard. Thinking about them rubbing on the front of your pants gets your heart racing! You fantasize about my toes and your cock squeezed between my toes. You watch as I walk past you, my feet squeezed into my highest heels. You lick your lips and follow me home.


You watch me as I walk into my house. Staring at my sexy heels. You want me but you can’t tell me. You’re too shy so you follow the light to my room and watch through my window. I take my tight blouse off and then my tight pencil skirt. I leave my shoes on because I love the way they feel on my feet. I’m wearing my black sheer lace panties and matching bra. You need me, don’t you?

You come closer to my window and get right up against the glass as I get a phone call. You watch me as I take my shoes off slowly. I stretch my toes and massage my arches. Your cock starts to throb as I rub my hand over my foot. You bite your lip and press your face against the glass as you reach into your pants. That hard cock is in your hand now and you slowly stroke it.

I hang up the phone and sprawl out on my bed.. then I hear a strange noise outside of my window. I see you and you duck down. “WHO is there?!” You breathe harder now because I saw you. You’ve been caught. You zip up your pants and stand up, showing me your face. I motion for you to come to me, so you walk over to my front door. I meet you there looking at you with disgust and invite you in.

“What were you doing at my window? Were you jerking off to me?”
“Yyy..yes… yyyy…yes.. I was. Www..well… to your feet.”

I look to you and smile “My feet huh?” You nod and look down at the floor as I walk over to you and put my right foot on your crotch. “Do you want to fuck my feet? You want to cum between my toes?” You nod with delight and get hard all over again. I smile and rub my foot all over your pants then tell you to take your clothes off and get on my floor. You obey me and strip yourself very quickly. I watch you as you lick your lips when staring at my feet.

I walk away for a moment just to bring in some lube and sit on the couch where you are laying in front of like my own footstool. I squeeze the bottle of lube onto your cock and balls and slide my feet on it. Slippery and so wet. You smile as I stroke your cock between my arches. Then I grab something next to me… it’s a collar. I strap it onto your neck and put its leash on. You’re mine now. Your cock belongs to my feet. This is what you wanted all along.

You feel me tighten my grip on the leash and you start choking a bit but I don’t stop stroking. You breathe a little harder but it’s worth it. You groan and grunt as I start slipping your head between my toes and then back to my arches. You watch my feet and I feel you about to blow. You breathe heavier and faster and I let you blow that big load all over my gorgeous feet. Then grab your leash and make you clean up every drop.


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