A Hot Story About Playing With My Female Cousin

Let me tell you about a hot incest story about me and my female cousin. When I was growing up, we were very close, like sisters almost. We lived on the same block, went to the same school, were in the same grade. We did everything together. I was always more mischievous than she was though. I was always interested in boys and getting them interested in me. And I told her we needed to practice kissing, so we’d be ready for boyfriends when we got them. She seemed to feel this was also a sensible course of action, and it was easy to get her to go along. We always had lots of sleepovers at each other’s houses, so we had plenty of opportunities to try.

I Was Already Masturbating

I was sleeping over at her house one weekend when I brought up the practicing kissing thing again before bed. She said she was willing to try, so I got in her bed and we started. I got excited right away. I’d already been masturbating for a year and I got horny easily. And I asked her if she ever touched her pussy to make herself feel good and she didn’t answer. I assumed she was embarrassed to admit it, so I moved my hand between her legs under her nightgown. She gasped when I touched her, but she didn’t stop me.  And I found her clit and she soon grew wet. I rubbed her and she moaned. We continued to kiss deeply as I touched her, and it didn’t take a long time for her to cum at all.

She Was Doing A Great Job

I was so horny at this point. This incest story was about to get a lot more naughty. I asked her if she’d lick me between the legs and she was a bit hesitant at first, but then agreed to try. I lay there on the bed, legs open, and she crawled between them. Soon she was kissing my pussy like she had my mouth and doing a good job of it. I told her to lick my clit, and she did. Then she latched onto it and sucked it, and that did it. I came right then after she sucked it for a few minutes. We spent the entire night making one another cum like this.

I Loved The Taste Of Her

It wasn’t long before every chance we got we were touching one another and kissing and licking one another. We were well ready for any boyfriends that might happen along. I licked her as well and found I loved the sweet taste of her. I could make her cum multiple times. One time we went to the movies together, and it was kind of boring, and we were sitting in the back. I slid my hand under her skirt and fingered her right there, and I made her cum. I did this sort of stuff all the time when we were alone. The sleepovers were the most fun, though.

We Were  Deeply Into Our Play

After a few months when we were really comfortable playing, I asked her if she’d heard of scissoring. She said she’d seen a bit of it in a porno once. I asked if we could try it. We are both in good shape and I thought it might be fun. We were kissing and playing one night in bed and we took our nightgowns off. And We wrapped our legs around one another so our pussies were bumping against one another and we started to grind. You could hear that wet, squishy noise our pussies made when they were smacking into one another. It was kind of sexy. We were young lesbians and we loved it!

We Were Breathing So nHard

My clit was stiff, and so was hers. We got positioned just right so every bump against one another would rub our clits together. Our nipples were also rubbing against one another. It was really hot, any boy would have stroked at the sight of us like this. I was able to cum from rubbing against her. It took her a bit longer, but she got there. We were breathing hard after our efforts and slept well. Playing with my cousin was always so much fun. We stopped when we went to college, but so many fond memories of it. It’s the only incest story I have so far, but I’ve got some other hot family, so you never know!

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