He Was My Favorite Uncle

My family has always been a very close-knit one. I’ve always had a special spot for my uncle, he’s a wonderful, kind, generous man. He’s always spoiled me, and of course, I love it. I stayed with him recently. It was to be a weekend with him and my aunt. I wasn’t there long before she got called away on a family emergency. So it was just my uncle and me for the entire weekend. This is how my dirty little incest story happened. My teasing teen story as well.

He got this naughty look in his eye and said he had a surprise for me. I was to close my eyes and then open them. He had both hands out with closed fists and told me to pick one. I picked the right hand. He opened it and there was a hundred dollar bill in it. I asked what if I’d chosen the left hand instead? He opened it and it also had a hundred dollar bill in it. I couldn’t have lost either way.

The Kiss Was Not Innocent

I gave him a kiss to thank him, and it soon turned into a passionate kiss. He was a fine kisser and I was soon growing wet in my panties. I could feel his hard cock pressing against my belly as we kissed. I knew it was turning him on as well. So our little incest story began between the two of us. He told me I’d always turned him on, and I said I’d always had a crush on him.  And He wrapped his arms around me and kissed me again, even longer and more passionately than before. He led me to the bedroom and slowly began to strip off my clothes. My nipples were hard and there was a damp spot on my panties. He noticed it when he removed them. He stripped off his own clothes and joined me on the bed.

We Were So Horny

He started kissing me on my neck and kissed downwards to my stiff nipples, which he paused at and sucked. I groaned as I felt his hot tongue flick at my erect nipples. Then down towards my tummy, and then lower still. My pussy lips opened for him like a moist flower. He then tasted my sweet nectar and held my cunt lips open, exposing my clit. It was out of its hood and just begging for kisses and sucks. He didn’t disappoint me. He slowly and deliberately licked me up and down until I was groaning and writhing. Grasping the sheets in my hands and twisting them in ecstasy. He stopped to place my legs over his shoulders and he really got in there.

My Incest Fantasy Came To Life

He slipped his tongue inside of me, tasting me, teasing me, and I pushed his head into my crotch. He licked me faster and faster until I cried out in pleasure. It wasn’t long until he mounted me and slid his cock into my dripping wet pussy. He was as hard as a rock and pumped away as I wrapped my legs around him. My uncle’s cock inside of me felt so good. It felt naughty too, but in the best way. He was my first incest story come to life. I liked to read them sometimes and think of him. Now it was really happening. I milked his cock inside of me with my pussy muscles and I knew I was about to cum. He sped up his thrusts and I came on his cock with a gushing pussy.

I Swallowed Every Last Drop

He said he wanted to finish in my mouth. He pulled out of my cunt, and I started to clean my wetness off of his dick. My uncle went wild as I sucked him. He placed his hand on the back of my head and really fucked my mouth, making me gag. I sucked and licked and slurped away on it. I cupped his balls and gave them a slight squeeze. And  I moved my lips up and down his shaft and rewarded with a mouthful of my uncle’s cum. I swallowed every last drop and wiped the corners of my mouth with the tip of my finger. I licked it off while I stared him right in the eye. Afterward, we lay there, arms wrapped around one another. It was an incest story I will never forget, and one I hope is soon to repeat.

I love doing incest phone sex and I’m very good at it!

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