Incest is just another way to say I love you!

Incest is just another way to say I love you! I was just thinking about my family and how I miss all the naughty fun we use to have when I was younger. A family that plays together surly stays together! So I just wanted to tell you about the first time My family had naughty fun together. I was 15 and I was just sitting in the living room watching some TV in my T-shirt and a pair of cotton panties. My dad came into the room and I did not think anything of it. We watch TV together all the time.

We were watching Suit life of Zach and Cody because I had a super crush on them. I hear my dad call over to me “Hey Kylie why don’t you come sit on daddies lap.” Still, I thought nothing of it and went over and sat on his lap putting my arm around his neck. I was really getting into the show when I started to feel his hands moving up and down my back, making my shirt go up. His hand slid under my shirt and started to squeeze my tits. I did not say anything I just let him touch me because even tho I know it was wrong it felt so right.

Incest is just another way to say I love you!

I started to grind against my daddy and all of a sudden my mom walked in. She gave my dad a smirk and came over and sat on the arm of the chair. She looked at him and in a sexy voice asked him ” Do you think she is ready?” I was slightly confused then my mom kissed me on the mouth deep and passionate. She slid her hand down my panties and started rubbing my pussy… I could not help it I was moaning so loud. My mom stood up and asked, “should we take this to the bedroom?”

I hope you thought this was fun and super naughty!! I would love to take your fantasy to another level!

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