Panties and bra role play.

Bra and panties role play. My boyfriend was watching me through the crack of the door as I was trying on my new Victoria secret bra and bottoms, modeling myself in the mirror. Admiring how hot I looked my pussy began to get damp and you could see the cloth darken with the moisture of my tight slit. Damn, I look good in this bra and panties.

So Looking through the crack of the door my boyfriend starts to stroke his cock watching me. Clearly as turned on by me as I am. I turn around to the sound of a creaking door to see my boyfriend stroking his cock watching me. “what are you doing?” I ask him as he enters the room.

He put his hand down my bra grabbing my tit and squeezing hard, my nipple hardens with the pressure of his expert touch. Stepping behind me with his hand still in my bra… He takes his other hand sliding it down to my undies and starts to rub my clit in circular motions. Moans escape me with the pleasure of it all.

Panties and bra role play.

Pushing him off me, I tell him “I have an idea.” Reaching behind me I unclasp my bra and then peel off my soaking wet panties from how wet he made me moments ago. “put them on” I command “I’m not a girl. So I’m not putting that on” he says with defiance in his voice. ” Put them on or I will put them on for you,” I said anger with my voice. He does as he is told and he looks so cute in a pink lace bra with the matching panties. His Bonner plane to see stretching the seems of my new thong.

Walking over to my man dressed in my bra brought such pleasure to me that I dropped to my knees in front of him. Leaving the panties on I slid his cock through the side of the panties and began to stroke him up and down making that bead of precum blossom at the tip of his head. Because I put him in my mouth and sucked him till at the last second. I made him cum all over my new pink lace panties.

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