A steamy shower with daddy

One morning I woke up it was the first day of summer of my 8th-grade year. I woke up and started the shower because I like to be clean before I play hard. As I climbed in to the shower there was a knock at the door. “who is it” I asked, “it’s dad can I come in?” when daddy came in he could see me through the glass sliding door of the shower. “my how you have grown” said daddy as he opened the sliding door and climbed in. A steamy shower with daddy.

I had never seen daddy naked before let alone so close in the shower, he brushed the wet hair from my face and told me how beautiful I was and at that moment he kissed me right on the mouth darting his tongue in and out of my mouth exploring me. He pulled away to see me looking at him startled, “what would mommy say?” his reply was “don’t worry baby no one has to know”. He came closer pushing our bodies together and started rubbing his hands all over me as the water poured down on the both of us.

I didn’t want to admit it but it felt so good having daddy’s hands on my tiny premature breasts.

My nipples are so hard and I can feel my vagina tightening with a need for my daddy. “Have you ever had sex before baby girl?” daddy asked “no” I reply with my head bent and looking bashful. Daddy pulled my face up so my eyes met his and he said “good girl you will be all mine” just at that moment he put his hand down to my small peach fuzz covered pussy and rubbed my dainty little clit, it felt so good I closed my eyes and my back bowed a little my pussy is so wet with need. I could feel daddy’s penis growing larger by my leg and it aroused me, even more, knowing that I was going to be daddy’s good girl.

Daddy put a finger inside of me started moving it in and out as little moans escaped my mouth. “now baby girl I want you to get on your knees and take daddy’s cock in your hands.” “Now slowly put it in your mouth and suck on my throbbing cock”. I was working daddy so hard with my mouth he made me gag but he seemed to like it so I kept sucking him taking every inch daddy had to offer. As daddy withdrew his cock from my mouth he told me to be a good girl and lay down on the bottom of the tub I could feel the water so warm running off daddy’s naked body. “This will only hurt for a second baby. Be my good girl.”

Just then daddy put his cock in my tiny virgin pussy breaking my cherry.

It stung at first as daddy forced himself deeper inside of me but once he started moving in and out of my tight little pussy I could feel this pressure building inside of me it felt so good I didn’t want it to stop. “Oh daddy it feels so good” he started to move faster and harder pounding himself in and out of my body. “You belong to daddy! I only want you to be fucking daddy do you understand me?!” “Yes daddy” I never want this to stop it feels so good I love my daddy.

His hips are pounding me rapidly and at that moment I explode from the inside out Cumming so hard all over my daddy’s cock. Slamming his cock in me 3 more times and on the last one, he drove his cock as deep in me as it would go and exploded hot squirts of warmth in my little pussy” “That’s my good girl! You came so hard for daddy.”

As we cleaned up in the shower I realized I loved my steamy shower with daddy.


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