Impregnation sex stories are HUGE in my family, especially since they’re nearly all Daddy Sex Stories when I walk you through them.  I’ll never forget that day when I came home from school to find my “randy” big brother had been left in charge of me.  In the first place, he just LOVED being in charge of his baby sister.  I had no idea how “in charge” he was gonna end up being!

I mean, we’d been fucking since I was 16.  But, this time was different.  When I came into my bedroom, he was sitting there holding a pair of Mom’s stockings.  Then, he shifted on my bed to reveal several pairs, both thigh-high, AND pantyhose.  A sly grin parted his lips, transitioning into a debaucherous look.   He clad my bare legs in the thigh-highs, whilst stretching my arms overhead with the pantyhose.

I can still feel the length and girth of his fat, veiny dick entering me.  Over and again I heard him murmuring, “Mine. ALL. MINE! Now, have my baby, Little Sister!   Each plunge delivering a massive squirt from him into my teenage pussy.  I fell for my brother that day.  Furthermore, it was hard as HELL to NOT touch him every chance we got.  My favorite time of day is when I’m loading the dishwasher and Mom & Dad go upstairs for a little hanky-panky.  They have NO CLUE that right under their noses, their son and baby daughter fuck with wild abandon.

I still have the stockings he used the day we saw the results of the pregnancy test.  He fucked me good knowing he was growing a little one inside me.  Every birthday since then, he gives me nylons, and I model for him as soon as our folks sleep.

This eXXXplains his Stocking Fetish!