Daddy’s Best Friend Impregnated Me At 18!

Impregnated…I know…the thought of being impregnated at 18 should be enough to cause a meltdown. But, for some reason…the thought of being impregnated by my Dad’s Bestie…Too good to be true!  Dad and Robert had been friends since their days in the states before Dad met Mom and fell in love…Only to leave the U.S. in favor of his hot ass, new wife.  Robert came to visit us so often we used to joke that he wasn’t REALLY American anymore. LOL.  But, I was ALWAYS especially THRILLED to see him walk his 6’4″ frame through our massive double front doors…For some reason, watching him bend slightly cumming through the doorway, made my teenage pussy wet!

Needless to say, Mom and Dad trusted Bob with everything they cherished…namely ME! LOL.

The fact that I was barely legal never even occurred to them, I’m sure.  They knew I was a hot little piece of ass myself and had already gone through a string of suitors. But, for some unknown reason, they thought nothing of leaving me alone with Daddy’s BFF who was also just short of a Greek GOD!  It took me minutes to prowl all over him the minute the car was out of sight and the dust from the dirt road leading to the house started to settle.

His tongue invaded mine like a Viking ship! Long, hard and vicious in it’s desire to overtake me cumpletely!  I succumbed then, like now to his every breath…I still close my eyes thinking about the things we do…Yes! I said DO…Still! Yum.  I crawled up his body, my small bare feet walking the wall behind him.  The entire length of my arms cradling his head as my kiss deepened to match his.  His hands did their usual scoop of my ass…and they found eXXXactly what they always did…Bare, soaking to the point of dripping…PUSSY and ASS. His favorite! Giggle

To say we fucked wouldn’t accurately describe any of it.

He was/IS a most thoughtful, gentle lover…when he WANTS TO BE! Haha.  We made mad, passionate love and I believe it may have been the beginning of my mad squirting and multiple orgasms…I’d never had them with Daddy’s other bestie, Uncle Arnau.  But, as I said, we made love by the glow of the massive stone fireplace in the great room. The rain rolled down the cathedral windows creating little diamond-like prisms against the sun which still peeked from the rain clouds.  I only know because I watched it all through his eyes.

And that’s when it happened! I jumped from his arms in abject horror and took off running for the bathroom where I promptly threw up everything I had in me…including cum that ran freely down my young thighs. IN that brief moment, I could recall my mother’s voice with all clarity…she once told my Dad that she always knew when she was pregnant because her morning sickness would kick in BEFORE he even pulled out. “Oh, shhhhhiiiitt!”  I had becum impregnated.  FUCK….well, yeah.  We know that’s how it happened.

Of course I’d need to have this confirmed by a professional, or at LEAST the local pharmacy!

The next morning,  before Mom & Dad left for their offices, I had already made a quick run to the drug store and came back twitchy waiting for them to leave.  Robert’s face clearly showed some anticipation/angst as well…SO, by the time the last car departed the garages, I’d already peed on my stick and raced back in to get the result.  I came from the room to Robert sitting on the corner edge of my bed..He was wringing his hands.  All at once it hit me, he’d never had children in all these CHOICE!  Oh shit…Now the dread set in.

I was biting my bottom lip when I walked back into my boudoir and he looked up, forcing his beautiful smile and I just couldn’t look at him.

“What is it, Cheri?” Concern etched on his handsome face.

“I…I’m pregnant, Richard.”  I started to cry.

His arms wrapped me in the greatest warmth I’d ever felt.  And then I heard him say a most impossible thing.

“And what, shall we name our little one?”  His smile filled the room.

I loved him for that…his eagerness to start a family with me.  And, I loved him more than ever for even saying it, whether, or not he meant it.  I believe to this day that he did.  He’s never ventured far from me and now lives full time back in the U.S…wonder why?  Haha. Guess it’s time to introduce him to our Group Sex Stories!

Want to know what happened to our little baby after I was impregnated?  Call me.  It’s not a very complicated story, but one of great love and passion…Need some of that in YOUR life?  Let’s talk, shall we?!

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