Impregnation Sex Stories: Friends Coming Together

Impregnation sex stories are usually super sweet and loving. This one is somewhat that but not in the usual manner. When it comes to dirty sex stories, this one will have you hard as fuck! They were all friends. Very close friends at that. All three men went to school together and had been inseparable ever since. They did everything together. When they got married they thought that their friendship might dwindle a bit but that wasn’t the case at all. One by one they tied the knot. The women all got along which was important to their husbands.

After about a year of being married they decided that they wanted to have a baby. Being that they were all like family they wanted to make it official. And thus, comes one of the hottest impregnation sex stories ever! They planned it all out. The women were always around each other so their ovulation schedules were synced. As their most fertile part of the month came upon them they knew it was time.

Sharing their wives wasn’t anything new but this was a huge step for all of them. They had never all been together at once. It was decided though. They were all going to take turns on each of the women. Filling them all with their seed would ensure that no one really knew who impregnated who. They believed that with the mix of all of their cum inside each of their wives they would all be father to the babies that would be conceived.

Not one of your typical impregnation sex stories.

The guys started out just hanging out in the living room. Their wives walked in wearing very sexy lingerie that made their heads turn. Each woman walked first to their own husband and took them to separate rooms. They wanted to ensure that they were all comfortable with the situation. Allowing their husbands to fill them first had been part of the plan. After they deposited their seed into their fertile wombs it was time to take their friend’s wives. This part was not going to be separate. One by one each couple made their way to the master bedroom.

Stay tuned for part two! When impregnation sex stories combine with group sex you know everyone is having a great time! Give me a call and I might just give you a sneak peek. Or maybe you have an idea of how you think it should go? Either way, let’s have some amazing phone sex and cum together like my story says 🙂