Impregnation Sex Stories 2: Friendly Group Conception

In the first part of my group impregnation sex stories, the three couples had individually had sex with their partners. Now was the time to come together and share their spouses in some hot group sex stories. They were already naked and the women were dripping cum from their husband. They all met together in one room. The women lying down on the bed as the men moved in to get into position.

Normal impregnation sex stories are a single couple wanting to get pregnant. This one is a little different. If you haven’t read the first one yet you should definitely do that. It will catch you up a bit. This group of friends share everything and always have. Wanting nothing to change there, they decided to share in impregnating their wives as well. With the room dimly lit the men all switched up positions to another wife.

You could already smell the sex in the air as started working their cocks into the previously fucked women. Their pussies were already dripping wet. With their husband’s cum dripping from their used pussies it made it easier to slide into them. Listening to the other women moaning as they got fucked only made the situation hotter!

When the men unloaded into their friend’s wives they had one more switch to do.

They went into the last position and began to insert their cocks into the last woman they were trying to get pregnant. At this point, all of their pussies were drenched. You could hear the gushing noises as the friends pounded into the other’s wives. Between the sex noises and the moaning, it became even hotter than before. What was supposed to be lovemaking turned into one hell of an orgy after that.

The final deposit was made to each pussy and then it was on. The orgy began. Everyone was pounding away again and this time the women were kissing each other, sucking their tits and hands were everywhere. Impregnation sex stories are hot but when it turns into an impregnation orgy, now that is a sight to be seen! The women were hungry for all of the men there and they weren’t afraid to show it. Not only were they hungry for the cock, but also for the other women’s pussy as well.

Group impregnation sex stories are hot!

They started licking up the cum from each other’s legs. Not wanting to mess with what was already in their pussy as they intended to all have a sexy baby bump growing soon. They wouldn’t know who the daddy was but that was the plan. One big happy family!

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