Impregnation Fetish- Tinder Hookup Fucks Me Raw Part I

Is my impregnation fetish real, or fantasy?  Knock Knock. I gently tap on the hotel door.

I have butterflies in my stomach I am so fucking nervous but equally horny as well. This is my first time meeting a complete stranger for random sex at a hotel. Sure I have done the Tinder thing where I go on a date and fuck on the first night. But this…This is very different. We already laid out all the terms for tonight. No need for bullshit and testing the waters. We are both diving right in. I already have so many Crazy Sex Stories

But today is about something else.

I want a baby..


You want to satisfy your impregnation fetish.


Finally, you open the door. My eyes widen in surprise as you are already fully naked and FULLY HARD. You grab me by the waist and lift me up, wrapping my legs around your waist, we immediately start to kiss. “Wait, Let Me at least remove my coat” I whisper into your lips.

You hoist me down, aggressively open my coat. You take a deep breath and your eyes look instantly hungry as you behold my nakedness. I was so paranoid walking down the street completely naked under my trench coat. Once naked, you waste no time lift me up. My Legs once again wrap themselves around your waist you slide me slightly, allowing your big fat cock to slip in between my slick pussy lips.

“Your so fucking wet already” You growl.

That is my only warning before you slide your rock hard cock deep in my pussy and we are ready to bring this impregnation fetish to life. “AAHHHHHH Fuck” I Yell. The feeling of your bare dick deep in my pussy and the danger of the situation heighten my pleasure. I bite into your shoulder.

To be continued….

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