Crazy Sex Stories: Getting Pulled Over, Fucked, & Spanked raw by a Cop Pt 3

Crazy Sex Stories: Part III

I feel him rise up the floor and hear him fumbling with his pants. I pant in anticipation; he is going to fuck me. I close my eyes and spread my legs expecting to feel his cock. Instead, I hear the loud smack of his belt hitting my ass followed by the stinging burning sensation. I scream in pain and tears run down my face.

“Mam, If you scream again the punishment will be ten lashes instead of just three” I immediately close my mouth and bite my tongue hard to stay silent. I don’t know what is scarier his threat or knowing that I have to endure two more lashes. I hear the sound of leather snapping against my flesh before I feel the pain. This repeats one more but the pain is less intense as a matter of fact it is more pleasure than pain. I feel cool fingers gently touch the red welts on my buttocks. I moan in pleasure and quietly ask him to fuck me.

His rough treatment reminds me of my daddy issues and Family Sex Stories

Behind me, I can hear his breath quicken, Is he angry? I am tempted to apologize when I feel his thick cock push past my pussy lips. His cock is not long but is so so thick; I have never had anything this thick in me before. And It feels amazing. My pussy starts to spasm and clench his thick cock.  I can’t hold it anymore I am cumming. I throw my head back and I feel his hand grab my throat.

“Mam, I thought I told you not to scream”

Crazy Sex stories Part IV 4/10/2018

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