Family Sex Stories- Slutty Daughter Seduces Daddy Part IV

Family Sex Stories. The sound of my hand slapping my daughter’s ass only serves to turn me on even more.

A part of me feels guilty of doing these things to my sweet little Maritza, but I can’t help it. Although I have never given into my urges, the truth is I have always felt sexually attracted to my daughter. To make matters worse I have the most terrible impregnation fetish

A secret I had hidden very well up until 3 weeks ago.

It was the day after Maritza’s 13th birthday, and I thought I was home alone.

I was making my way to the bathroom when I heard a soft moan escaping my daughter’s room. Expecting to see an intruder I very gently and quietly open her bedroom door. Instead, I saw my daughter naked spread out on her bed with a small pink dildo moving in and out of her small pussy.

Maritza starts moaning louder and louder, I can’t even remember pulling my cock out, but there it was, as if by magic, in my hand. I match my daughter’s speed and pace with my hand.  My daughter starts fucking herself in fast hard strokes and does the same to my cock. I see my daughter’s orgasm rip through her body as she yells out “Yes, Daddy fuck my pussy. Fuck your daughter’s pussy” Hearing those words escape my daughter’s lips, makes me lose my mind and I shoot my hot load.

“Daddy what are you doing?” Maritza yells out to me.

I pretend I cannot hear her and abruptly leave.

Ever since that day, Maritza has been a total cock tease. Wearing skimpy clothing and flashing me whenever she has the chance. She leaves that bathroom door open while she showers. She loves giving her daddy blue balls.

My baby girl needs to be taught a lesson and who better than her own Father to set her straight.

To Be Continued……

Family Sex Stories Part IV available 03/07/2018

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