He said he loved impregnation fantasy

This new man I’ve been seeing, he got me thinking about something I hadn’t before. One of the first things he asked me was if I was on birth control. I said I took care of things, without getting into specifics. I asked him why he was so interested. He said he loved impregnation fantasy and was I into that? I wasn’t ready for a baby in my life at this point, but it seemed interesting. I thought about why he liked it, the intimacy. The closeness, the bonding of two people forever via a baby. He said he’d even gotten a previous girlfriend to lactate. He’d regularly sucked on her nipples and her taking some herbal supplements and would I consider such a thing? This was all sprung on me a bit quickly, but I was intrigued by it for sure.

I felt his hard cock slip into my fertile pussy

He wanted us to have very intimate and risky bareback sex during my fertile time. So there was, of course, a chance I might conceive. I did feel very close to him and the lovemaking was incredibly hot and intense. I felt his hard cock slip into my fertile pussy and I knew I was ovulating and this might be it. Yet I wasn’t afraid, the sensation was incredible. I just felt so womanly and wonderful taking him into me, knowing his balls contained the seeds of life. I was soon going to have that baby batter inside of me. We kissed so passionately and all-consuming, it was off the charts. I felt him inside of me and he stretched me to the max with his shaft. I could feel his balls pressing against me as he made each deep motion. This Was very hot sex

impregnation fantasy helped him get off better than any other type

He suckled at my breasts, going from one nipple to the other. I knew if he kept this up for a few months, I would indeed be producing milk for him. Lactating for my boyfriend, and perhaps for a little one that might soon be on their way. He told me as he made love to me that this impregnation fantasy helped him get off better than any other type. I had to admit, it really turned me on as well. The thought of his seed inside of me, in my fertile womb, drove me crazy. I found I wanted to have sex more often to increase the chances of actually getting pregnant.

I lay there, my feet on the bed, knees up. To let his sperm pool within me

His cock to me was like a representation of life itself. Knowing that new life would come into me via his cock. I found myself cradling my lower abdomen, thinking of having his baby. This impregnation fantasy stuff could be pretty powerful. He was a tender lover. Making me feel so loved and cared for. Licking my pussy until I was so creamy and filled with pleasure I just writhed with ecstasy. When I felt him kiss my clit and begin to nibble on my pussy lips. He preferred missionary position sex, with my arms and legs wrapped around him tightly. His cock nestled deep within me as he shot jet after jet of his cum inside of me. I lay there, my feet on the bed, knees up. To let his sperm pool within me, making for the best chances of making a baby with him. Not rushing out of bed and into the shower to wash his life-giving seed down the drain. Like I normally did with others after sex.

I guess we will find out in a couple of weeks if I am late. What the results of all of this sexy, bareback lovemaking are. He just makes me feel so much a woman, cared for and loved. Telling me what a nurturing mother I’d make to some lucky little one. No doubt this impregnation fantasy has brought us closer together and I love it. It’s been so loving and sensual and made for more intense orgasms for us both. He loves to just spoon me after we make love and hold me until we both fall asleep. It’s just so sweet and makes us feel so close to one another. I know we are both waiting with bated breath for the results a few weeks from now. I love doing fetish phonesex.

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