anal for crossdresser Anna

I was changing so fast because of Dawn. That is why I had been staying with her for a few days. I do not know what I truly want for myself anymore, my secrete shadow desires well… In the last couple of weeks, I had experienced my first Forced Femme Crossdressing. And being in public as a crossdresser getting a blowjob by Melissa behind a bar. Of course, Melissa thought my name was Anna. And even though she is my fiancé she was completely submissive to Dawn. AND she thought she was sucking a stranger’s cock…  That night, when Dawn got home, she changed me into another sexy outfit and was really careful with my makeup. I had learned to trust her when she said get in the car. That is the night anal for crossdresser was on and learned what it REALLY means to be a woman.

We stopped at Melissa’s and my house and picked up Melissa. She was wearing a tight sexy outfit that I didn’t remember seeing before. We drove to the local high-school which was just about deserted that night. Dawn took us to the football field. It was empty and dark.

“Take her in there and strip, lie face down on the ground, and let her push her cock into your ass.” Dawn was telling Melissa what to do again. She handed me some K.Y. Jelly.

We walked to the middle of the field. Melissa didn’t say anything. She wordlessly stripped and lay down. I looked down at her.

Never had I done fucked her ass before.

I knelt beside her, covered my finger with lubricant, and pushed it into her. I heard her breath catch. Then I covered my cock and lay face down on top of her. I lifted my dress and pulled my cock over the waistband of my panties.

I pushed my cock right against her rear hole. She was holding her breath. The head entered. Suddenly she was breathing hard. She started pushing her rear up against me. She reached her hands behind her and pulled my rear down against her.

I could tell she wanted me to fuck it. I couldn’t believe it. Melissa! Anal for crossdresser Anna, and I fucked and fucked. Pounding her tight ass. She moaned, louder, and finally came. I came in her at the same time. We lay there for a minute. She didn’t complain at all that I was laying on top of her.

Finally, I stood up and straightened my dress. She got dressed. Dawn was waiting at the car when we got back, with a grin on her face. Melissa never said a word as we drove her home. We pulled over and she simply got out and walked away.

When Dawn and I got back to her place she motioned me in first. She just stood up behind me. Suddenly something was in my mouth and fastened around my head. A gag! I started trembling and she immediately had my hands fastened behind my back. She pushed me over an ottoman and had my legs tied together. Then she was raising my skirt and pulling my panties from down over my ass. I felt fingers going to my virgin ass.

“It’s time for you to find out what it REALLY means to be a woman.”

I heard more noises in the room.  I looked around.  A guy was there. He was muscular and huge. He was taking off his pants. I couldn’t stand up. Dawn was holding me down.

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