Impregnation cream pie is the best and I am not the only one thinking about them.  I happened to be spending the Easter weekend at my good friend Derek’s house.  He and his girlfriend invited me to their lake house to celebrate the holiday, so I accepted.  I drove the 1-hour drive to their lake house thinking about how much fun it would be to hang out with Derek and chill as we used to.  I called when I was like 15 minutes from the house to let him know I was nearby.   He sounded completely stoked to hear my voice and said she had something special that he wanted to show me.  Well, hearing the excitement in his voice I could not wait to see what he was so excited about.

After about 15 minutes I was turning onto the long driveway that leads to the lake house.  I parted behind his black SUV and began to get out of my truck.  Before I could even put my foot on the ground, the house door flung open and Derek came out and scooped me in his arms with a large bear hug.   I love the fact that he missed hanging with me as much as I missed hanging with him.   Derek and I had been friends since 6th grade and knew all of each other’s dirty secrets.  We continued to kiss and hug for a few more minutes before he started to grab my bags from the truck and we headed in the house.

He carted my bags off to my guest room and offered me a drink.  I sat on the couch in the living room and waited for him to return with my favorite drink, vodka, and cranberry juice.  When he returned with my drink I asked about Shelly, his girlfriend.  He grinned from ear to ear, then left the room to go fetch her.  When they reappeared Shelly was sporting a big ole pregnancy belly and she looked adorable.  I ran over to hug both of them, I was so excited for them.  My friend Derek looked so happy and he has always wanted to be a dad.

Bedtime for Shelly!

They sat on the couch for a few minutes, telling me all about the pregnancy, when I noticed Shelly starting to yawn.   She tried to hang with us but you could see how tired she was.   She excused herself and apologized for not being able to stay up longer.   I assured her that Derek would take care of me and she should go get some rest.  He escorted her to bed and came back to have another drink or two with me on the couch.  We continued to talk and fill each other in with the things that have been going on since we last had a chance to hang out.  I told him about my break-up 3mos ago and how I was openly dating.  It was fun sharing with each other, giggling and we were getting smashed.

Finally, he asked me when was I going to have a baby.   My small giggle turned into a hardy laugh.  It was like he had not heard me tell him about my break up 3 mos ago.  So I  reminded him.  He ran his finger under my chin and lifted my lips to his and kissed me.  Then said I would love to impregnate you.  Shocked, confused and turned on I was not sure what was happening. However, whatever was happening had my pussy wet and pulsating.

Impregnation cream pie gift accepted

He lifted my skirt and slid his fingered along the front of my wet panties.  I whispered to him, I am ovulating too.   Sliding his finger along the edges of my panties,  moving them aside and he began to stroke my clit.   I was on fire and began to grind m pussy on his thick fingers.  He asked  in a low sexy voice, “Will you accept my impregnation cream pie gift?”  Letting him slide my panties off and push his thick cock inside of me, he did not need an answer he knew that his impregnation cream pie gift was accepted.

That cock was so rigid as I move my hips to his aggressive rhythm.  Wrapping my leg around his waist so I can get every bit of that load.

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