Impregnation Sex Stories began on or about my second week at the new Job.  It all started out so innocent, we were just getting to know each other on a strictly professional level.   One day while taking a short break from the days’ load, we decided to have a cup of coffee.   He began to share small snippets of his personal life like he was married for 11 years and no kids.

Over the next week, we got a little more comfortable with each other.  We were enjoying sharing stories of past while continuing to work on upcoming projects for the company.  Since it was my first time at the company holiday party and he warned me about the open bar and how the staff tends to get pretty tipsy.   I asked him if he would be bringing his wife because I was curious about the woman who snagged such a sexy man.  However, he said that she hates these company parties and would not be attending.  I won’t deny that it made me happy that she would not be there.

So the Friday of the holiday party, my boss announced to the team that he would be renting some hotel room at the hotel where the party was being held.   He said that he wanted to make sure that we were all able to have a fun safe time.   All the people in the office were excited, including me.   Since the party was that night he also closed the office early.  We all left the office by noon to get ready for this kick-ass office party.

Impregnation Sex Stories began to develop in my head!

On my way out to the car, he stopped me and asked me if I wanted him to pick me up for the party.  How could I resist, he was my boss and so fucking sexy.  So, of course, I accepted his invitation to the party.  Taking a piece of paper out of my handbag I scribbled my address down and the naughty thoughts of impregnation sex stories started.  We agreed that he would pick me up at 8 o’clock.

When I got home my pussy was already wet thinking about the hot office sex I would like to have with him. So I got in the shower, then decided to put on a dress that he would not be able to resist.   I  looked fucking hot.   He arrived at the house right on time and by the way, he was looking me up and down he approved of the outfit.

We arrived at the party and my co-worker we already having the time of their lives.   We danced and drank until well after 2 A.M. before retiring to the hotel rooms provided by our boss.   He walked me to the room and unlocked the door.   I could tell he wanted to come in.   So, I grabbed his hand and pulled him into the room and locked the door behind us.

Time for the baby batter!

His hard dick pushed into my wet pussy, I could tell he was in heaven as my pussy gripped around his dick.  Squeezing and sucking my tits as his cock pounded me for hours.  I move my hips to match his aggressive rhythm.  Feeling him increasing in stroke, I wrap and lock my legs around his waist.  He pants “I am going to breed this pussy”  my response was  “Yes, Give me all that baby batter”.

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