Forced Impregnation is a dark fantasy and fetish of rape phone sex. Tick Tock Tick Tock – that’s every woman’s biological clock ticking down as they wait for the day they can announce “I’m finally pregnant.”  This is supposed to be a happy time – not always the case. Especially when it’s rape and forced impregnation phone sex.   The whole sexual experience was so nasty and so taboo –  I didn’t want to share my happy day with anyone.  It had been a few years – My Ex-boyfriend Ray and I had been trying to get pregnant for some time, but nothing was working.  We were fucking like rabbits, but I just couldn’t get pregnant.  I knew nothing was wrong with me since the doctor gave me a clean bill of health.

Ray was a three pump chump. Humiliation phone sex was very easy when it came to having sex  ( if you could call it that ) with Ray.  He was in denial – “it’s not my swimmers causing the delay.” He would belt out after each attempt of impregnation phone sex. Ray refused to go to the doctor.  I’ll put a million down on it – put two and two together.   Three pump chump and little cock – he was probably the problem. The best form of humiliation phone sex.   Give it a whirl.

My life was all about to change.  One day when I was walking home from my late shift at the local diner, Ray’s best friend Al saw me walking and offered me a ride home.  After working a long shift and being on my feet for almost 12 hours – my feet were killing me so I happily accepted the ride.  We were just doing some small talk when I noticed that he passed up my street.  “Al, you missed your turn,” I said to him.  In such a dark and cold voice he said: “I know.”  With a confused look and a stern voice, I said: “Well if you know – then turn the car around and take me home.”   A weird smirk came over his face.

The conversation oddly turned to me and my ex-trying to have a baby and failing at impregnation over the past year.   I wasn’t sure what he was trying to say.  He then stated “I’ve heard that you and Ray have been trying to have a baby, but have been unsuccessful. Well, that’s all about to change.”  I didn’t know what was going on, but I knew it wasn’t good. “Let me out now Ray” I screamed as we were pulling up to his house.  He parked the car, got out, and headed over towards the passenger door.

You take the good with the bad.  My sex drive and dominating phone sex personality shined like a mother fucker.   I didn’t care who I fucked. BBC slamming was all I wanted in my pregnant ass and pussy.   I became the perfect cum dumpster.   I was already pregnant so it didn’t matter who or how many cocks I fucked and sucked.    This was the best experience ever.  Kinky – wild  – naughty no limits phone sex with any and every man who came along.   Incest Sex is a taboo topic.  Wanna hear more nasty details? Have a craving to explore rape or impregnation phone sex?  Slip into my naughty world and give me a call. Read  Part 2  Impregnation – Unwanted Bun in the Oven

Want to know more details about my impregnation experiences?

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