Read Impregnation – Unwanted Bun in the Oven Part 1

He opened the door and grabbed my arm, pulling me inside of his house.  I tried to fight him off and grab my phone.  Without even so much as a word.  He forcefully ripped all of my clothes,  threw me down on the floor and began to rape me.   His heavy body pinning me down and taking me against my will.   I couldn’t stop him.   He was too strong for me. No one wants to be involved in rape phone sex.  Al was gonna dump his demon seed in my bald pussy.   I didn’t know what to do!!  I was crying hysterically when he slapped me and forced himself down on me.   Taking me.   I screamed over and over “Get off of me you dirty fucking pig.”

I could see the look in his eyes and smell the nasty smell of liquor on his breath.  He was enjoying every minute of me screaming and rape phone sex. Taking me and making me beg him to stop. I knew he wasn’t gonna stop until he completed impregnation phone sex. He was on a mission and he was gonna complete it, with or without my cooperation.  He pulled his cock out and forced it inside of my pussy again and again.

With every thrust, he became cruder ” You are gonna get what you deserve you little cunt.”   ” You want a baby so mother fucking bad – Here you go you little twat — Walk around with this bastard child in your belly for 9 months and let me know how that works out for you.    I couldn’t get away.  He was pulling my hair while he kept ramming his stick deeper and deeper inside of me making sure I felt every inch of him.  “Please stop!” I yelled as he turned me around so I could suck his dick.   This was my chance – I needed to get him away from me.   With the look of fury and determination in his eyes, he yelled out “Slobber all over it you little cunt.

I’m gonna teach you a lesson you will never forget. Make sure it’s wet”  I began to choke on his cock, making sure it was covered in my saliva. Forcing his dick back inside of my pussy and within three strokes, he busted a huge nut inside of me.  He got rolled off of me and laid down on the floor.   He was a cocky mother fucker who had taken what he wanted and destroyed my life – All he could say “Now you’re pregnant, with my baby.” Let’s just say that the next nine months were the longest nine months of my life.   My tits grew and filled with milk – best big titties phone sex ever – I was lactating for what seemed days.  My belly grew and grew to an uncontrollable size – I waddled around like a duck.

You take the good with the bad.  My sex drive and dominating phone sex personality shined like a mother fucker.   I didn’t care who I fucked. BBC slamming was all I wanted in my pregnant ass and pussy.   I became the perfect cum dumpster.   I was already pregnant so it didn’t matter who or how many cocks I fucked and sucked.    This was the best experience ever.  Kinky – wild  – naughty no limits phone sex with any and every man who came along.   Even stranger phone sex – One night stands with complete strangers – load after a load of hot cum.  Wanna hear more nasty details? Have a craving to explore rape or impregnation phone sex?  Slip into my naughty world and give me a call.

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