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He allowed his heavy cock to slide from her body and she wanted to protest. He filled her body the way he filled her heart. Without him, she felt empty and alone. Impregnating Girlfriend Sex

“Never alone, Dawn. Never again. Whenever you have need of me, in any way, even if it is just to touch me lightly, to know I’m always here.”

“It was the most beautiful, erotic thing I’ve ever done.” The confession slipped out of her, her darkest shame. Her gaze slipped from his because she couldn’t let anyone see what was in her soul, how she wanted to repeat the experience over and over. The craving was there. The insatiable hunger.

“Look at me, Kitten.”

His voice was so gentle it turned her heart over. How did he manage that particular tone? It didn’t just sound that way to her ears, his voice caressed her skin, moved over her body, inflaming her senses. She loved the way he sounded. She wished his cock was still in her, stretching and burning and bringing that intense fire.

“I don’t think I can knowing our child could be growing in me now”

“You need to breathe and I’m heavy. I’m going to sit up and put you on my lap.” Even as he said it, he didn’t give her a chance to protest. She worried about their combined cream spilling out of her body, ruining the couch, but it was gone as he lifted her and put her on his lap. She was naked in his arms, and she felt more exposed and vulnerable in her mind and heart than with her body unclothed.

  “Now, Dawn, look at me.”

This time his gentle voice included that note of command. Sometimes, when she heard it, like now, she wanted to disobey just to see what he would do.

David laughed softly. “I see I am going to spend my life with my woman challenging me. Do not worry, Kitten, I welcome the skirmishes. Our children will be strong-willed”

The notes of joy and happiness in his voice allowed her to look at him. She couldn’t help smiling. he was happy. She wanted him that way. The lines in his face had softened and he had laughed. Laughed. He smiled, almost as if his mouth didn’t know how to form that upward curve, but he was laughing. She felt the way he was happy. Deep inside, she felt that and knew she’d given that to him. Everything else melted away for her and she hugged that tightly to herself.

“I can’t believe I have you here with me,” she whispered and turned her face into his throat, nuzzling him. Inhaling. Tasting his skin with her tongue. “My life was pain and terror. You took away his voice. You gave me hope that others wouldn’t shun me. I was terrified and alone, and you changed all that. You brought beauty and hope back into my life. Thank you for that, David. Oh my love I swear I will spend every minute making you happy.”

He bunched her hair at the nape of her neck in his fist and gently tugged until her head went back and she found herself looking into his blue eyes. “You gave me back my soul, Dawn. You gave me life. The scales are more than even. Much more. Still, having you make me happy sounds good, especially since I am very aware I am not an easy man.”

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