Oh my love

My eyes are too deep to escape. You will be taken in, Oh my love, whatever is to become of you. Will be worth the adventure.

I see you standing there in front of me, broken into all the pieces that make up your life. Beaten down from all that you’ve been through; all the words that you still carry inside of you from those that have made you feel unworthy of having anything good in your world.

Oh my love if you could only see what I see in your eyes. When I touch your hand. I felt this bit of magic coming from my skin. It was like I could feel right into your heart. And wrap each of my fingers around it and squeeze.

Deep within you lies a magic.  A magic that waits to come to the surface and be free to spread itself out into our world. Making it a wonderful erotic place to live. A magic that this world will love to see shine bright with all the good things you have to give.

Oh my love Come to me as you are; scarred and worn down as you may feel.

I don’t ask you to be anything that you’re not. I don’t look for you to be anything that you do not want to be.  You need not cover yourself with any costumes. What you bring within yourself is good enough for me.

Oh my love come lay with me and let me bring you out of the darkness. Let me show you what it is to be loved and appreciated. Let me say the words that will fill your heart with happiness. Instead of the pain, you have learned to feel.

Allow me to make your body feel all the good things a loving uninhibited touch can bring. Let me find all the cold lonely places you ache to be touched. And then to make you feel pleasures you’ve never known existed. Come fall into the open arms that await you here. Let me love you and show you all the passionate sensual happiness that awaits.

Oh my love You only need to let go to fall into me.

My touch that stays with you. That becomes etched into your skin and then becomes a part of your being.

Like a scent that you can smell as you close your eyes. It is as if I am still there with you. In your mind, you feel my hands on you. Snuggling in our love in a movement similar to the sea.

Ebb and flow it’s only you and me. It brings you calm. As well as arousal with a longing, a craven need to feel them. To feel my body pressed against yours. As I whisper in your ear.

That longing to feel them becomes a throbbing ache. You think of how perfectly I feel as we fit together and the magic that exists in us both. Explodes…

A throbbing need for the sliding of our bodies. A desire to be deep inside of me because of how good it feels to be there in every way.

Sharing one another.

Sharing the experience of you spilling your entire essence and becoming one with me. Becoming home for each other’s hearts, one another’s ecstasy and ease.

Oh my love that’s a feeling that never leaves your body. That’s a feeling that stays in your heart, mind, and soul. And that’s what love feels like. That perfection as I lay with you in our warmth.

As I drift into the night. I feel your body, my soft curves, and your hard lines a perfect fit, contouring to mine. Your breath and a kiss against the sigh of my heart, Oh my love from our first start.

One final request before the early dawn takes our dream away. Oh my love keep me inside your heart, as we go about our day, because until you do… you have never really had love sex or lived.



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