One way for a man to claim a woman and make her truly his is to impregnate her. Throw her down on the bed, fuck her like you own her and fill her with your cum again and again until she’s pregnant and forever linked with you. I wonder if I’ll ever find a man worthy enough to breed me.

He would need to be strong and confident, sure of what he wants. He chooses me and takes me back to his place. We’d quickly get undressed and he’d push me down on the bed. After a lot of hot and sensual kissing,  he would put his hand on my stomach and start to gently rub it. He tells me that I’m perfect in every way and that he wants me to be his. His dominance turns me on and I want him.

I tell him to fuck me, make me his, I’ll give him whatever he wants. He tells me that he wants to fuck me until I’m full of his cum and carrying his child. He pushes me facedown on the bed and I brace myself on my elbows as he shoves my legs apart. He enters me from behind, fucking me like an animal and I love it. He digs his fingers into my hips as he thrusts in and out of me, and I know he is going to leave me bruised.

He fucks me as if he owns me.   He’s rough and I can feel my breasts jiggle with every movement. I lean lower, opening myself up so he can go deeper as I push back against him. My ass hits his thighs as I rock against him and he’s grunting behind me. I moan non-stop as he rams into me and I clench my pussy muscles tightly around him, getting as much friction as I can. The added pressure pushes him over the edge and he cums. I feel his hot, wet cum fill me as he give me a few last thrusts.

He pulls out of me, done with me for now, and I roll onto my back. I can feel his cum dripping out of me and I put my feet flat on the mattress and slightly arch my hips, trying to keep as much of it inside me as I can. I put one hand over my stomach and one hand over my breast, touching myself. I imagine my stomach getting big, round and firm and my breasts becoming heavy and full.

He asks me what I’m thinking and I tell him. He cups my breast and tells me he can’t wait until they’re big and full of sweet milk.  He squeezes me then begins to suck on a nipple. He’s so eager for this and I feel my pussy start to throb again. I reach down and stroke his soft dick, getting him ready to fuck me like a little whore for a second time. He slowly grows harder in my hand.

After a little while I tell him to fuck me again, the more we try the better the chance of getting what we want. I pull him on top of me this time and tell him to claim me.

Claim me and make me your pregnant whore!

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