My boyfriend and I had been together for a few months and the sex was amazing. We did everything possible and didn’t mind doing it in public places or at unusual spots (like his parent’s bathroom during a family party). But soon, our sex life was getting stale. We felt like we had done everything and were trying to figure out what was next. He was way too jealous to get another guy to join us for a sex session and I wasn’t into girls yet, so I wasn’t into that idea.


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I felt like the relationship was going bad so I headed to the nearest sex store and bought everything I could find to use and spice up our relationship. While there, I met another older woman who was looking at strap ons. I had never used one and was curious about them, so asked her how she liked them. She said that it’s the best thing that has ever happened for her sex life and that her husband absolutely loves it. She then went on to say that she’d use it on him and he’s find it so arousing that when he fucked her after, it was the best sex ever.
I was sold and decided to get one. I wasn’t sure if my boyfriend would be up for it and figured I could still use it when I was alone regardless. I actually made sure to buy one that was about the same size as his cock so that he could maybe feel what I feel if he was up for it.
Later that night I made us a fabulous dinner and wore the sexy linger that drove him crazy. He asked what the special occasion was and I told him that I had a surprise with him. I wasn’t going to show him until after dinner and was bursting at the seams the entire time, dying to tell him. After I had done the dishes, I slipped away to the bedroom to strap on the dildo and put on some crotch-less panties so that it would stick out. I looked in the mirror and laughed at how funny I looked but was determined to see the idea. When I walked out his jaws drop and he gave me a weird look.
I told him that we needed to do other sexual things to enhance our sex lives and that I wanted to try a dildo on him. I had already stuck a few fingers in his ass a couple of times and told him how much it would turn me on if he did this. I would go slow and use a lot of lube. He hesitated at first, but after some convincing we were kissing passionately and trying to maneuver to the bedroom as best we could without bumping into the furniture. We finally made it to the bed and I undressed him and he took off my lingerie and left me naked with the strap on dildo. My clit was throbbing behind the strap on as I jacked him off to get his dick hard (while he rubbed my ass and breasts).
When he was super hard, my primal instincts took over and I felt like a man. I told him it was go time and grabbed him by his shoulders to turn him around as he had done to me so many times before. I bent him over and gave his ass a playful slap, while increasing the intensity with each slap. I then decided to lube him up a bit while giving him the best rim job he had ever had. I used my fingers a bit and licked his asshole like it was my last meal while grabbing his dick and jacking him off. I kept at it until he was moaning and moving his body in pleasure and that’s when I got some lube off the side table and slathered a whole bunch of it on his asshole. I planted my hands firmly on his bent over hips and then placed the strap on in his asshole and started to thrust. His knees buckled a bit but as I continued to thrust in and out, his body started to sway with my motion. I was getting good enough with my thrusting that I reached around and jacked him off as best as I could while still fucking him with the strap on. A few moments after, he dropped a big load onto the bed and as I saw that, my own juices started to flow and he turned around and said it was time to pleasure me. He then pushed me on the bed and dragged my body to the edge of the bed and started to go down on me. He licked my clit all the way to my asshole and I came in seconds.
That lady at the sex store was right…it was amazing for our sex life!

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