I love having a fuck buddy. I dislike having boyfriends- usually they get too clingy and jealous. I like to be free of drama. I am the kind of girl who can hang out with your friends- go to clubs, smoke some weed, work out and then fuck like animals…and then we both go back to our own lives. 

You can keep your clingy girlfriend because I don’t want you full time. I love you but I am a free sprit. Tell me your secrets- I am a perfect confidant. I will listen and won’t judge you. Come over and drink with me. We can watch porn. I love it.  We can cuddle, take it slow or just fuck me hard. You can cum in my mouth and I will gladly swallow. Don’t get pissed if you stop by and I am fucking someone else. That is my one rule. You have your life and I have mine.

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I love that we both have our memories of those hot steamy nights in my dark bedroom, with your rock hard cock ramming into my sweet soft pussy…mmm we can both remember how our hot bodies were in total synch with each other. How you made me cum so many times. We can sneak a quick  blow job in the gym’s bathroom with out any guilt. I will dress up real sexy for you and we can sneak out and meet in a fancy hotel. We can have awesome encounters to take the edge off of our real lives. 
I love that I know your body, how you breathe and groan when you are cumming. I don’t mind sharing you… I know you will cum back for more.

Call me early when you are in bed with your morning wood. Call me from work for a quicky. Let’s become fuck buddies. You can rely on me for a sweet hot cum session. I will gladly be your girl on the side.



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