I Submit to Daddy

Daddy is my favorite master. I do whatever daddy commands. I submit to daddy I submit my mind and body to daddy. Daddy loves it when I obey his every command. Just last night daddy woke me up and tied my hands up. He laid me back on my bed and had me spread my legs. Then I felt daddy teasing my pussy, sliding one finger up my pussy lips and gently sliding his finger back down. For a moment his finger just went up and down my soft little pussy lips. Then I felt his finger push inside my tight little pussy. He started pushing in slowly and gently then slowly pushed his finger in and out faster. I started to moan then daddy told me I couldn’t moan.

I know he is testing me to see how well I listen and I listen just as daddy wanted. And I obeyed daddy just like he wanted. Then the big test came as I got his finger all wet with my pussy juice. He slipped his finger out of my now wet and teased pussy and then pushed it right into my ass. I feel the urge to moan but I’m trying to do as daddy says and stay quiet. But it was hard. In the heat of the moment I let out a moan daddy immediately stops playing with my tight ass and bends me over his knee. While over daddy’s knee he lifts up my night gown and smacks my ass cheek with his hand, as he smacks my cheek he makes me count he smack.

Spank me daddy

We get to 10 but daddy doesn’t stop he keeps going slapping my other cheek 10 times and making me count them as well. He smacks my cheeks so hard they are red and then daddy pushed me on my bed on my hands and knees and slides his cock into my ass making me take the whole 9 inches. I feel him throb in my ass as he pushes his cock deep inside my ass. He then takes my cheeks and spreads them as he shoves his cock in deeper so deep it almost hurts but daddy is my master I must take it all and obey him. He thrust harder and deeper and this time makes me loud, he tells me to scream or he’ll make me scream. What do you think happens next? Are you the dominant type?

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Kinky Kelsey