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If your one to not like your asshole played with then it’s probably because you or your partner are doing it wrong. I make ass play fun. You can’t just shove a finger in your ass and beat off. If this is what your doing stop and let me show you the best prostate massage. I’m sure at least one guy is reading this right now with disgust but he’s going to be one of the first ones secretly looking to try it. One of my boyfriends said for a year his ass was off-limits but he’s all about the anal play now. Funny how all it took was one prostate massage before he was hooked. Okay I’ll be honest he didn’t exactly have a choice, he lost a bet and I made him pay up.

He bent over the bed and I lubed my middle finger. I had him relaxed and comfortable before I SLOWLY slid my finger into his asshole. Relaxed, comfortable and slow are all important things when it comes to the best prostate massage. Going in rough and mean would only make it painful and how are you suppose to cum when you’re in pain? I don’t want to make it hurt I want to watch you squirm from pleasure. After slowly working my finger inside, I slowly rotate my hand and position so my finger can comfortably massage into his prostate. I’m sliding my finger in and out just bumping into his prostate. His cock starts growing harder. Not only is he enjoying my tough he is starting to squirm. This slow technique is also teasing the hell out of him.

No cumming just yet

I use my other hand to stroke his cock as I’m massaging his prostate. I’m edging him along the way and not letting him cum too soon. The best prostate massage and edging all at the same time. His hips are rocking, his cock is throbbing but I want to give him the most intense orgasm so I stop. I laid him on his back taking more lube to my finger. Slowly I shove my finger back inside and begin to massage his prostate. On and off I massage against his prostate but pulling back as he gets close. A little edging never hurt anyone, in fact, it makes everything better. Grabbing his cock with my other hand again I start stroking while massaging. I had never seen so much precum. Just when he thinks I’m going to let him cum again I pull back.

I never like to start with s prostate massager sex toy but I always like to use one in the end. Grabbing my prostate massager sex toy, I lube it and slowly insert it. After position, it and getting it all the way inside I turn it on. He’s squirming now. I hear him squeal like a little girl while begging me to let him cum. He doesn’t get to cum and I turn off the vibrations. After his urges subside I turn it back on and tease him some more. You see it as mean but I know he’s about to experience the best orgasm of his life. Hey, don’t knock it until you have tried it. He’s begging to cum and when I asked what he’s willing to do for it I got a surprising answer. He agreed to eat it!

Eat it baby!

We went back and forth and hour or so before I finally let him cum. He kept the end of his deal with the cum eating. I was impressed by how many new things I had him trying in just one day. But if you had the best prostate massage of your life then you would probably eat your cum too. Or no? Maybe that’s crossing a line for you but I’m a girl with no limits. I have no boundaries and I like it nasty and dirty. I’m a taboo phone sex girl whose not afraid to try anything at least once. Think you knock my socks off the give me a call. Let’s do something really naughty together. Need some ideas? Anal office slut fucks her boss?