I am usually awake earlier than my husband and I have a strict policy to never waste morning wood.   It begins when I feel it pressed against my ass when I wake up.  Husband loves to sleep in the spooning position so that means I wake up with a hard dick pressed against my ass or my lower back every morning.  

As soon as I begin to stir, he’ll release his hold on me and roll onto his back, still asleep.  I slowly lift the sheets away from him and gaze hungrily at the stiff cock that is standing up so straight and tall.  The fun part for me is not waking hubby right away, so I will typically play with my pussy for a few minutes before I slide my legs over his body and mount his rod.  By this time, my pussy is wet and ready and I slide it down the hard shaft with ease.


Of course by now, hubby is stirring and beginning to wake up.  He wakes up to the vision of his wife, hair tousled and nipples hard, riding his cock with smooth and steady thrusts.   He never says a word, he’ll just grab my hips and guide me up and down his cock, then pulls me towards him to be able to get a mouthful of tit.  

If I feel like sucking cock on a particular morning, I will usually swing my body around after getting my cunt warmed up with his dick and back my ass into his face while I move my face towards his wet dick and tight balls.  He loves his mouth on my pussy so he quickly buries his face into me and starts licking me wildly.  

I take his cock into my mouth while caressing his stiff balls, bouncing my ass for him and feeling his tongue scrubbing my clit and my pussy lips.  I suck on his cock nice and hard but slowly until I feel close to my orgasm.  Before I release my cream into hubby’s mouth, I begin to suck his cock harder and faster and like a good wife, I swallow every drop of cum that jets out of his cock.

It’s a great way to start the morning, my friends.  After pleasuring each other so well first thing in the morning, it’s a bit hard to argue about whose turn it is to wash the breakfast dishes.  Obviously, HE does them!


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