I Love Watching My Boyfriend Fuck Our Neighbor

It really turns me on to see my man fucking another woman. I don’t know why really. I just like the fact that the same dick that gives me so much pleasure is also pleasuring another throbbing cunt hole. Then I remember when I first found out that I was like this.

I and my first boyfriend were listening to the hot girl next door argue with her boyfriend. They would have these crazy fights that would always end with her crying and him slamming the door and not coming back for a few days. I said they fought a lot because she wasn’t pleased like I was in the bedroom.

My boyfriend had a huge cock and he was a personal trainer so his body was ripped and sexy as hell. When Valentines Day rolled around, and I noticed that our sexy little neighbor was alone for the day I invited her over for a drink. My boyfriend didn’t know what I had in mind, but that didn’t stop him from being super happy that our brunette, D-cup-titted, silky smooth-skinned neighbor would be joining us for Valentine’s cocktails.

After her first drink, she was lost and ready to get fucked. I could tell by the way she was looking at my boyfriend that she wanted to get pleased by the cock that she heard fucking me every morning noon and night. So, without hesitation, I told her to get on her knees and suck his large cock. My boyfriend tried to protest at first, but I told him to shut the fuck up and let her deep throat him.

I immediately became wet just looking at her take him all the way down her throat.

I gave her instructions on how to take his balls into her hands while she licked his dick vein from bottom to top. Then I pinched my nipples as his pre-cum leaked into her mouth and down the corners of her lips. My boyfriend was loving every minute of it and so was I. When she lay on the couch with her legs opened and played with her clit while moaning I told my boyfriend to fuck her hard and deep.

This time without hesitation, he pulled his huge cock out of his pants and slid it into her horny pussy. He was perfectly inside of her. The quick spark of jealousy that I felt turned into lust as I watched his throbbing dick fuck her to the point of tears. She orgasmed so hard on his cock that tears came out of her eyes. Watching my boyfriend fuck her so deeply in front of me just made my pussy swell and my clit got as pink as a ripe peach. I finger fucked myself so hard and when I saw that my boyfriend couldn’t take it anymore I told him to do it. I told him to cum inside of her tight young pussy. With those words, I watched as he began fucking her as hard as he could.

She couldn’t say or do anything but take his dick and cum deep inside of her. This made me squirt harder than I have ever squirted before.

I tongue kissed my boyfriend as he lay there, still throbbing inside of her. I kissed her too and thanked her for being such a good sport. My boyfriend’s cum dripped down her leg as she made her way to the door. As soon as the door closed behind her, I dropped to my knees and sucked my boyfriend’s cock back into the erection. When he fucked me right there on the floor all I could think about was his creampie explosion inside of our tight sexy neighbor. I’m such a dirty slut, right?

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