I think I might have mentioned my undersized boyfriend before. His wallet isn’t undersized, but other, more private parts are. He’s a good guy, but sexually, he’s very limited in what he can do to please me. He’s a good pussy licker, I will give him that, but I need cock and not the 4 incher he’s got. I’ve been seeing this other man, and he’s knows about it and is ok with it. He was a bit awkward at first, but he’s gotten the hang of being a cuckold really well. I haven’t been so sexually pleased in years.


Zden 0048
Zden 0048

This new friend of mine comes over usually every weekend,a and it’s worked out well. Once in a while if I’m horny I will text him mid week as well. My boyfriend is kept busy with his pussy licking duties in between visits from my large cocked friend. He’s got to be at least 9 inches and I cannot get enough of it. When he comes over and has me suck on his cock as my boyfriend watches stroking his little tiny one, I get so wet being watched like that. Sometimes my boyfriend even goes underneath me and sucks on my clit while I give the blowjob and I cum so hard that way!

Last weekend we went a bit further. I told my boyfriend to suck on my lovers cock to get it hard for my cunt. He was a bit hesitant, he’d never sucked a dick before, but was he ever a fast learner, and I swear I’ve made him acquire a taste for it. He’s been asking all week if I’ve heard back from my friend yet as to when the next time he’s coming over is! I know he’s craving cock already and has become the cuckold of my dreams. Wanting to service both me and my lover and clean us both us when we command him to.

He was lapping at my pussy like a hungry dog after my lover came inside of me and his thick, creamy cum was just oozing out of me and into his mouth, it was very satisfying to have done this to him, to have turned him into a cum licking little faggot! He made me cum again with his mouth after my lover had gone home for the evening. I must say he really does excel at it and worked his tongue all over my clit and slithering it in and out of my pussy hole trying to get every single drop of that salty cum from every fold of my cunt.

I think it’s coming weekend I may have him go all the way, allow my lover to actually fuck him in the ass. He’s a bit hesitant, but I think he will get horny enough that he will about agree to anything I tell him to. He’s already shown to be an eager cocksucker, there’s no reason to think he’ won’t be just was eager to take a cock inside his little man pussy and squeal like a little girl, with glee at finally being penetrated by a man! Having the cum of another trickle down his legs like a little bitch in heat. It should be quite the weekend!

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