With Halloween right around the corner, it takes me a few years back when I went to this college Halloween party. There were so many people there. I decided to go as a naughty nurse ( perfect, huh?) I had the tiny white skirt, and buttoned top, thigh high white fishnets, and white stripper shoes. Across the room, I was so interested in this guy wearing a teddy bear costume. He was a big guy, broad shouldered and tall, and he looked just like the teddy I had as a girl. Then my mind went where it always does.  I had never engaged in Cosplay before, but that teddy was really making my wheels turn and my panties wet.

I approached him. He didn’t say a word, he just waved. I ran my fingers thru his furry exterior. It felt so good, so soft. I though of how his furry teddy face would feel between my thighs. I looked down between teddys legs, and I saw a fuzzy bulge, and GAWD, was it BIG! He must have been getting excited from all the petting.

Cosplay had always been a secret fantasy of mine, and I wanted to fuck this guy while he still had the teddy head on. I wanted to feel that fur all over me. I wanted to be covered in his cum.

I asked Mr. Teddy if he wanted to follow me upstairs, and my pussy gushed when I saw him shake his head yes!

The things we did to each other upstairs, while the party was still going on, could get you locked up in 40 states *wink*

That may have been my first cosplay adventure, but it sure wasn’t my last!


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