… and that is something every girl could get used to. I actually just fooled around with the sexiest body worship phone sex expert ever. After a very hard week of studying and researching, and finally had some time to relax. I can’t begin to express how much I was looking forward to taking it easy. But, taking it easy wasn’t in the cards. I actually got a call right about the time I slipped off my black stocking and heels after giving a presentation in my fetish art history call.

I picked up the phone and I hear this deep sexy voice on the other end. The voice was so powerful and confident. This voice was asking me all the right questions, in all the best ways. He wanted to know if my pretty little pussy needed some attention after all those long and hard hours I have been at it. I answered with a very aggressive yes, after all who turns down a pussy worship call? This man on the other end of my sleek pink phone took things a step further. He asked me to trust him. “Trust you?” I asked. With what I wondered. He explained that with what I do here at the amazing and regal phonesexkingdom.com I learned to cater to others very quickly. Although you may love the men’s calls as much as they do, it’s still their fantasy. I am interested in making yours come true he said. I was very intrigued.

After listening to how much he wanted to treat me like a princess and give me all I desire That I haven’t demanded as of yet I realized that his biggest fantasy in this moment was making mine come true. So I decided to take a chance and let him into my imagination revolving around my cravings and needs. For the most part I would say I am an open book, but every nasty phone sex girl has her sexy slut secrets. I expressed how badly I needed to be dominated myself, and brought right to the edge of fucktabulous orgasmic freedom, but not to let me cum. That I needed some pain mixed with my pleasure. After all, as sweet as Lusting Alyssa is I do need a heavy hardcore phone sex thrashing too. Yes, even miss fantasy roleplay herself likes to receive the licks and whips at times. Today was that day. He dropped everything and came over immediately and got everything set up that was necessary, while I listen to my record collection, and had a very strong and much needed cocktail. Shorty after I heard him call my name, and requested my presence in the playroom. That burst of butterflies filled my stomach and the tingles raced up and down my spine. I couldn’t wait to feel what he was going to do to me.

I entered the dimly lit room and right away was commanded to my knees. I obeyed my temporary master. He pulled the biggest, thickest, most veiny cock I have ever seen from his pants and dangled it just out of my tongues reach. The teasing had begun, and my mouth was already watering, and I was breaking a sweat.

This is a story better told over the phone. Call me to hear all the most delicious details.

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke