Being in school for my master’s can be expensive. Additionally, my love of all things designer doesn’t help my budget either. A girl as gorgeous as me deserves beautiful material things. Therefore, to make sure I have enough funds, I am using hypnotic foot fetish control.

My curiosity with foot fetish guys started with my doctor. He is a Foot Fetish Pervert that turned me into a convert. Of course, the fact that is drop-dead gorgeous with a huge cock had a lot to do with that.

Furthermore, everyone is warning me not to go to Dr. Grit. However, I love him and in just the first visits knew I want to continue seeing him. Additionally, he is amazing and can release all the week’s stress with his hands on my feet.

Oh, and with him, no hypnotic foot fetish control is required. 

Therefore, all I have to do is be my pretty little self and I get what I want from him. Of course, he gets my feet for anything he desires. For instance, he starts with rubbing and massaging them. Then, he is kissing and licking them. Of course, all on his own, no hypnotic foot fetish control.

After that, he slides his 15-inch cock between them to fuck my feet until he shoots a load all over my beautiful breasts. Above all, I am loving him, I will continue to be his patient forever. I am not sure what I will do if he ever retires.

My hypnosis is for all the other men in my life. Because, after Dr. Grit, I started craving that attention to my feet from my lovers. And, not all guys are into feet. Some even think they are gross.

I realized it was time to take things into my own hands.

Of course, I only use a mild version of hypnotic foot fetish control on most of them. It is my way of “helping” them to fall in love with my feet. This way they want to make sure my feet are happy and getting lots of attention.

I also use it to convince them they should support me with gifts. Financial, and others as well. With some simple subliminal instructions, my partners are happy to give me whatever my heart desires.

And, it has many desires. From sexual needs to financial needs to material needs. Using my amazing skills, I am able to guide my men to gift me the perfect gifts all year long, not just at birthdays and Christmas.

Honestly, hypnosis is a lifesaver for this girl.

I am dating some wealthy men now and using the hypnotic foot fetish control has been amazing. These guys were already generous and kind. A couple of them are even into feet like me. After the hypnosis, it is even better.

There isn’t anything I don’t need and my feet are getting all the love and attention I could dream of. And, they get to fuck my feet, which all of them love.

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Hypnotic Foot Fetish Control