Let me tell you guys about my gynecologist the foot fetish pervert.

I was warned about him being a foot fetish pervert. However, decided to overlook that bit of information passed down to me. I can say that my first few visits showed no reason for any thought to it at all. To be honest, by the time I saw my doctor I had forgotten all about what I had been told by my girlfriend.

Dr. Grit is 6’3”, very toned and muscular, dark brown eyes and a dick print to die for. My first few visits went without anything abnormal going on. Well to me anyway!! We all know how much I love anything sexual. His touch is very gentle and he is extremely thorough with his examinations. I must say that he sets his visits pretty close together, unlike many other gynecologists. As my visits went on he started to request persistently that I take my shoes and socks off. All I thought is that I shouldn’t have ignored the sign posted in his office.

Every exam with him brought me to complete relaxation by rubbing and squeezing on my feet as they sat in the stirrups.

It feels amazing when he does that and it relaxes the whole lower half of my body. It literally puts me in a daze trance like state. Every visit while I lay there with my legs gaped wide open I feel him touching more than he should. I love the feel his fingers wondering inside of my pressing different pressure points that including my g-spot. No matter how much I try to hold it in I always came and he knew it. Why would he care anyway? He has a sexy woman lying right in front of him and enjoying all of his finger movements.

I always came from his fingers sensually gliding ever so slowly on me, gently probing around my outer lips and inside of my cunt of course. All the while the good doctor has his sleeves rolled up and rubbing across my feet. The more I came the more comfortable he got with me and rubbing my feet. Every time paying more attention to my clit. The thing that turns me on so many times was that when I got ready to leave I would often notice a big wet spot on the thigh of his pant leg from that massive cock of his cumming.

I came to my doctor visit early one day to a surprise.

I came to see my sexy foot fetish pervert doctor because I needed to feel his talented fingers of his. As soon as I walked in I noticed the receptionist sitting on the desk with her back towards me. Mr. Grit was facing my way but was looking down and humping. I thought they were fucking but as I crept closer for a nosy look I noticed that he was fucking her feet. I also noticed that this man has a 15-inch cock that has the with of a cock can and a half. He had her feet on both sides of his cock stroking.

She asks to have him inside of her wetness, through grunts and moans. With her feet wrapped around him, he stuck the head of his massive cock inside of her. While standing there with my mouth hung wide I couldn’t help but feel so turned on. I felt like I was stuck in limbo and under the most powerful erotic hypnosis phone sex. Or something like that! Good thing for me that the detail played out in front of me. I came from just the show, well that and I went into the bathroom and fingered my cunt until I exploded. I had to from the blood rushing entertaining sight of my foot fetish pervert Dr.

By the time I came out of the bathroom and back into the office area, they had finished.

The receptionist filled the room with a floral air freshener and told me he was free as I approached the desk. I did everything as usual and enter the back office, as I lay there in front of him he spoke very softly, “I saw you watching”. I didn’t know what to do! He stood up and I instantly saw his cock, then felt it. Rubbing on my toes, slowly against the arches of my feet and finally, this sexy foot fetish doctor hugged his huge cock with my feet.

I became so entranced by his cock and how it looked and felt gliding between my feet. Back and forth so smoothly while I fingered my cunt. Every so often I took my juices and rubbed it onto the head of this monster. Soon and I squirted all over his cock and saw the hard stream flow from his cock and cover my feet. He gave my feet a few more strokes with his monster cock then massaged his cum into my feet.

Do you have any naughty sex stories? Maybe of hooking up with your co-worker, or of your daughters best friend? Or anything! I want to hear about it.