Hunger Drives Me Under the Table for A Second Helping of Public Sex

As I look at his name and number written on the small piece of paper in my hand, I feel no guilt for breaking my cardinal rule to not cheat on my husband.  Instead, I think about my constant hunger for more of the delicious, forbidden fruit I devoured 5 days earlier.  Giving in to my lust and passion at the club was so erotic and powerful that, in my frequent thoughts of that night, I could still feel Julio.

I feel his hands, fingers, mouth, lips, and tongue moving all over and inside my body.  I feel his cock spasm, his cum flooding my pussy; and after mixing with my own, I feel the wetness running down my legs as I walk from the women’s restroom to the limo.  I don’t know if my hunger was for him, for the multiple orgasms, for the thrill of cheating, or for the scandalous fucking in that club’s bathroom; but whatever it was, I was ravenous for more.

I lie on my bed and ponder if I should call.

My clit begins to throb, and I pick up the phone and dial his number.  He answers and, hearing my voice, he immediately remembers my name.  His voice is so smooth I can’t keep from rubbing my aching nub.  He invites me to a late dinner Saturday night at a cozy, romantic Italian restaurant he frequents, I quickly accept, and we agree to meet at 10 p.m.  My hunger intensifies and immediately after we hang up, I cum hard and lick my juices from my fingers.

Saturday night, in another obscenely short dress (and nothing underneath) I arrive at the restaurant on time.  He’s standing on the sidewalk waiting for me.  I think he’s going to kiss me but instead traces my lips with his tongue and then whispers into my ear “I have a hunger for something that’s not on the menu.”  I close my eyes and moan.  He pulls away and opens the door. I walk inside, my pussy already moistening.

He whispers to the host and slips money into his hand.

The host asks us to wait a moment and, after his return, we’re immediately escorted to a low-lit booth in the far corner of the restaurant.  The maître d’ quickly arrives at our table with a bottle of Angeli Cuvee and two wine glasses.  He pours the red wine into our glasses and tells us he’ll return in 5 minutes with our appetizer.  I drink the first glass of wine quickly and Julio refills my glass.  He then reaches under the table and, taking my left hand, runs it up his inner thigh and rests it on his already hard cock.  I close my eyes and realize the burning hunger I’ve felt between my legs for the last week has become a raging inferno.

I squeeze my legs together as the maître d’ reappears with a dozen raw oysters on the half shell.  Julio picks up the first oyster and, after squeezing lemon juice over the top tells me to tilt my head back.  He holds the shell to my bottom lip the oyster slides easily down my throat.  Then, he prepares another for himself and, as I watch the muscle slide into his mouth, I think of the bathroom stall and his cock sliding deep into my throat.

He repeats this until both the oysters and the bottle of wine are gone.

I glance around and, only seeing the restaurant’s employees, I unzip his pants and free his hard cock.  I stroke his shaft briefly and, once I feel my hand wet with his pre-cum, I push the table back just enough to slide underneath and take the entire length of his cock into my throat.  He fucked my throat only long enough so his cock was slick and pulled me from underneath the table.

After pushing the table back a little more he pulls me onto his lap so I’m face to face and straddling him.  He runs the head of his cock along my dripping slit and stops outside my hole.  He grips my waist and pulls me down onto the entire length of his gorgeous cock.  As I ride him, I realize I can no longer deny what I need.  I must continue to feed my hunger for cock.

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